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Shandong Province is approximately the same size as the state of Georgia. Within this concentrated area is a world of Chinese history, culture and contemporary life. Explore the many facets of Shandong, including a trip to the home of Confucius. Learn first hand how and why his influence has lasted over 25 centuries. Take in the magnificent and varied scenery of Shandong Province, which is representative of the natural beauty that can be found throughout China.

We invite connoisseurs like you to immerse yourself in the pleasures of Chinese culture and culinary delights with a trip to Shandong.

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The Culture of Confucius
Confucius Education
The Three Memorial Edifices of Confucius in Qufu
Mountain Tai
Mountain Tai
Delicious Local Food
Daming Lake
Daming Lake
Folk Art
Customs and Culture
Hot Springs
Kite Workshops
Day 1
Depart JFK for Beijing
Day 2
Arrive to the Capital of China, Beijing and transfer to hotel to rest
Day 3
The Great Wall, Hutong, or the Forbidden City

Personally explore the city’s historical district or choose from the following optional organized tour*:

  • The Great Wall of China Tour + Temple Fair Visit
  • Hutong Tour + Temple Fair Visit
  • Forbidden City + Jingshan Garden + Temple Fair Visit
Day 4
Jinan City, the Historical Elegancy – a day in the City of Springs
  • Depart by bullet train (200 mph) for Jinan
  • Attend Spring Festival Fair of Jinan
  • Visit Furong historical district and the famous Black Tiger Spring
  • Welcome Dinner Banquet by the Provincial Government

Optional activity following dinner: SPA Ultimate (Shandong Style)*

Day 5
Tai’An City: the Imperial Mount Tai Story
  • Embark on trip to Tai’an, the double UNESCO site
  • Visit the “Qi Wall” in the morning; then continue on to climb (or cable car) Mt. Tai [severe weather day alternative – visit Bu Yang Village where there is local festivity showcase)
  • Continue on and arrive Confucius’ hometown – QuFu – at dusk
  • Enjoy a Confucius Family Banquet
Day 6
QuFu City: the Confucius Day
  • Greetings by Confucius Castle honor guard at the Confucius Family Castle Gate Opening Ceremony
  • Tour Confucius’ residence of 2500 years; meet with the 79th great grandson of Confucius; Visit the family temple and if time permits, will visit also the family tomb site
  • Depart for WeiFang
Day 7
Weifang – the kite capital – the day of home visit
  • Visit YangJiaBu Village; spend the festivity day with Weifang locals doing new year paper cutting, wood printing, kite making and dumpling making. Experience how Chinese celebrate the New Year in their tradition
  • Return trip via train back to Beijing
  • Farewell Dinner
Day 8
  • Shopping: the Silk Alley (time permitting pending on flight schedule)
Please ask your agent about additional ways you can extend your once-in-a-lifetime adventure in China. Options include:
Beijing – Xi’an – Beijing
  • Day 1 – Beijing to Xi’an; visit Terra Cotta; dance performance
  • Day 2 – Xi’an Great Mosque; Wild Goose Pagoda; night train back to Beijing
  • Day 3 – Depart for USA
Beijing – Shanghai – Suzhou – Beijing
  • Day 1 – Beijing to Shanghai; visit Old Town, WaiTan and HuangPu River
  • Day 2 – Depart for Suzhou 1 day tour
  • Day 3 – Depart Shanghai/Beijing for USA
Beijing – Xi’an – Shanghai – Suzhou – Beijing
  • Day 1 – Beijing to Xi’an
  • Day 2 – Xi’an 1 day tour
  • Day 3 – Afternoon depart Xi’an for Shanghai
  • Day 4 – Shanghai 1 day tour
  • Day 5 – Suzhou 1 day tour
  • Day 6 – Shanghai back to Beijing and depart for USA