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Binzhou Aviation Camp
Written on 2018-07-24 12:05 PM

Have you ever dreamed about being an aviator when you were young? Even though you are working in other industries now, you can still realize your dream. This summer, the one and only aviation summer camp in China opened in Binzhou, and it has attracted not only people who have dreams of being aviators but also those who are interested in the structure, features, and mechanics of aircrafts as well.

The aviation summer camp gives a brief introduction about the raw materials of making an aircraft, the functions of each part of the aircraft, and the physical theorem behind each aircraft model. At the same time, participants are able to build up the aircraft models by themselves. In addition, participants are also able to sit in one of the aircraft and model fly it.  The whole program lasts for 6 days, and during these 6 days, you will convert yourself from an aviation fan to an aviation expert.


Zhanhua District, Binzhou