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Written on 2018-08-17 5:36 PM

Tombs of Confucian Family were built for Confucius himself and his offsprings. The major spots for sightseeing are the Tomb of Confucius, the Arch of Yu Family, and the Zigong Tree. Tombs of Confucian Family are the oldest family tombs which occupy the largest area with the best preservation in the world. In total, they […]

Written on 2018-08-16 5:32 PM

The first ever Jining International Light Festival takes place between August 3rd to August 19th. With more than 60 light show designers throughout the world, there are more than 13 million lights displayed in this festival. This is an ultimate visual feast to appreciate the beauty, talent, and creativity of the art of lights. Nothing […]

Written on 2018-07-24 3:00 AM

During the summer, students and teachers often gather at the Confucius Temple in Jining to celebrate their strong bond built over the time of their classes there; and to also pay tribute to Confucius. One of Confucius’ theories is that the relationship between teachers and students should be almost as strong as the relationship between […]

Written on 2018-07-10 4:37 PM

Nanyang Ancient Town is located in Weishan County, Jining, and it is one of the four major towns that developed the canal culture in China. During the Ming and Qing dynasty, many businesses thrived from this small town, and it even attracted business people from all over China to open their stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. […]

Written on 2018-07-09 3:18 PM

In the morning, you can take the ferry to the Weishan Island tourist pier, and then take the bamboo raft to arrive at the Lotus Garden. 1) Lotus Garden Once at the Lotus Garden, you will be immediately hit by the fresh aroma and joyful sensation these flowers bring. While enjoying the flowers, you are […]

Written on 2018-07-06 3:53 PM

  Under the jurisdiction of Jining, Weishan County is located on the southwest of Shandong province and south of Jining. Therefore, people call it “the south gate” of Shandong. In order to manage Weishan Lake in a better way, the government council approved the establishment of the Weishan County in 1953. Weishan Lake is a […]