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Written on 2018-09-27 3:02 PM

A mid-September marathon looping Xue Ye Lake—it means Snow Field—at the outskirts of Laiwu provided a wonderful opportunity to learn about the city’s miraculous character built on a wealth of seamless connections—of the ancient and modern, upscale and the grassroots’, rural and urban, an eco-friendly lifestyle and high-pace development. By the lake is the largest […]

Written on 2018-09-27 2:21 PM

What would be your choice of a collectible that can be passed on for generations? Diamond or gold? Expensive…Art on paper or silk? Well…easily decayed. How about a piece of ornate tin carving from Laiwu? A modest material equally stable for thousands of years transcended by traditional craftsmanship originated over 300 years ago yet culminated […]

Written on 2018-08-10 4:24 PM

Tin is a silver and slightly shining metal. The texture of it is warm and delicate. Since it is one of the earliest metals to be discovered in history, some people call it the “prehistoric metal”.  Tin carving is one of the most well-known Chinese traditional forms of art with a history of more than […]

Written on 2018-08-09 4:20 PM

People in Laiwu are huge fans of spices, and their favorite spices are different from people from other parts of China. Laiwu is abound with green onions, gingers, and garlics. The combination of these three is perfect complement of all dishes. Laiwu’s gingers are bigger than gingers elsewhere. The slim skins of them make them […]

Written on 2018-07-16 4:37 PM

Mount Qi Hot Spring Water Park is a gift from Laiwu to people from the rest of the world. The park contains hot spring spa with the Water Adventure Park, five-star hotels, and tasty restaurants.   Speaking of hot spring, let me explain to you why this is good for your health especially during summer. […]