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Written on 2018-09-27 5:07 PM

If to identify a landmark of Qingdao, the Zhan Bridge should rank pretty high on the list. Not only for its unique history of being built by the Germans and maintained as a military pier for half a century until 1949, but also for the unique recreational value it provides to people local and visiting. […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:39 PM

After a year of construction, an ecological elephant house at the wildlife refuge of Qingdao opened to public this summer, introducing two Asian elephants moved with extreme care from China’s Southwestern province of Guizhou. Visitors can take a close view of this world’s endangered species from an observation tower as part of the elephant house. […]

Written on 2018-09-27 3:25 PM

A four-day mid-summer rodeo festival at Jimo of Qingdao pushed the city’s enthusiasm to levels dwarfing the heat waves sweeping across much of north China. The festival featured shows by 80 cowboys from 20 countries with millions of people spectating. It also turned to be a sports and culture fiesta with side events including, among […]

Written on 2018-08-29 2:48 PM

Are you a tea drinker? If so, let me introduce you a special tea house in Qingdao. The interior design of Da Yi Tea House gives you a peaceful and elegant vibe. Therefore, your mind will be fully concentrate on the exquisite tea itself. At the same time, the tea masters there will perform the […]

Written on 2018-08-25 2:35 PM

Tian Heng Island Resort ranks the most popular vacation destination according to the locals. The name “Tian Heng” was derived from the prime minister of Qi Kingdom, Tian Heng. According to history, when Liu Bang, the establisher of Han Dynasty, attacked Qi Kingdom, Tian Heng with 500 soldiers fought intensively in the battlefield. After getting […]

Written on 2018-08-14 5:23 PM

On August 4th, the special Expo Park for Qingdao International Beer Festival will be ready to meet with the public. There, you will be able to have the ultimate gourmet and extravaganza. Of course, beer is the main character of this carnival. The most popular water dance will be performed at 19:30 to 20:30 every […]

Written on 2018-08-13 4:36 PM

Can you imagine fast and furious in reality? Qingdao is the place for you to experience the speed, the passion, and the excitement. You will bring your own vehicle to participate in this competition. There, you will be assigned several missions along the driving journey in exchange for specially designed stamps. The winner is the […]

Written on 2018-08-12 4:32 PM

After more than two year’s hard work and improvements, finally the Jiqing high speed railway line is ready for a combined testing. According to the agenda, the first trail test happened on August 1st, and this railway succeeded in passing it. Later on, there will be several other trials take place consecutively, and there is […]

Written on 2018-07-30 12:51 PM

Without receptionist and service staff members, you just need to stand in front of the check in kiosk with your photo ID, reservation code, and credit card, your room key will be delivered to you through this magical machine. This is the one and the only unmanned smart hotel in China. A tablet inside each […]

Written on 2018-07-24 2:57 AM

If you’re at the “Ancient Musical Instruments” sections, you’d want to stop by the large chimes which are mostly made from bronze. The chimes are designed in different sizes for musicians to play each musical note correctly. When the chimes hit the pitch, a beautiful note is played for the audience to listen to. According […]