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Written on 2018-07-18 4:52 PM

Taian Beancurd Banquet has a much longer history than you expected. Started from Han Dynasty, It was used as one of the most important tributes for the emperor to sacrifice to the God. Later in Song dynasty, tofu became the most popular tribune not only to sacrifice to god but also to welcome guests with […]

Written on 2017-05-12 6:43 PM

When I traveled to Shandong Province in China, one of my favorite stops was Mount Tai. It took about four hours at a steady pace to reach the top of the steps we climbed and we needed to take a few stops to rest. The views at the top made it all worth it. Luckily, we had arrived early enough to be able to take some good pictures before crowds arrived. By the time we were leaving, the crowds made it very difficult to get a good photo.