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Written on 2018-11-23 3:00 PM

Views from Shandong’s International Tourism Photography Competition of the largest natural wetlands in Shouguang county, Weifang. Shougang is also the agriculture capital in all of Shandong. It has the highest exporters of vegetables. It has become a non-commercialized area that it has given the public freedom to explore and keep the wetlands safe and clean. […]

Written on 2018-10-18 6:00 PM

ShihuGarden–Located in urban Weifang, the Garden is a National Key Relic Protection Unit. It was once the home of Hu Bangzuo, a government director of criminal justice in the Ming Dynasty. With open spaces and dense areas alternating one another, the delicately-planned Garden has a well-mixed style of northern and southern gardens. Today it is […]

Written on 2018-10-14 5:30 PM

Weifang World Kite Museum in Weifang city is the first and largest kite museum in China. The roof top design of the building is a huge dragon. This museum shows the culture and history of kite flying in China, thousands of different kites, kite paintings, writings and pictures. It also demonstrates different types of kites from […]

Written on 2018-10-06 3:30 PM

Yangjiabu Wood Engraving Picture in Weifang is a centenary tradition to decorate the house doors and windows with very colorful printed picture cards. They usually represent scenes associated with prosperity: fatty children, the Longevity Buda, flowery landscapes, mythological or opera characters. The message is always the same: Good Fortune and Celebration.     Where? Weifang City […]

Written on 2018-08-27 2:42 PM

Shihu Garden in Weifang was once the home of a criminal judge of Ming Dynasty named Hu Bangzuo. In 1998, it became one of the National Key Relic that local government put effort to protect and preserve. The building itself occupies around 2000 square meters with grey tile. The major materials for this building are […]

Written on 2018-08-18 5:44 PM

Nowadays, Tik Tok is the most popular music software for people to shoot their creative music videos and share them with the rest of users all over the world. Tik Tok not only gathers music lovers regardless of borders but also turn these ordinary music lovers into popular celebrities that young people like to follow. […]

Written on 2018-08-15 5:27 PM

Life is all about trying out new things and stepping out of comfort zones. How can your life be completed without risk taking such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing in ocean, etc. This time a Weifang amusement park called New Fangdele Castle holds a special event for adventurers with 18 different challenges. For each […]

Written on 2018-08-02 5:07 PM

Qingzhou Catholic Museum is located inside the well-known Qingzhou Catholic Church. The main cathedral is a perfect representative of Gothic style architecture. Qingzhou Catholic Museum is divided into two exhibition halls. The first exhibition hall is mainly about the origin and development of Catholicism as well as the history of it spreading to Qingzhou. The […]

Written on 2018-08-01 5:01 PM

European style is Qingzhou Christianity Museum’s core design element, which makes it different from the style of Catholic churches. Besides the main cathedral, it is surrounded by many Chinese style auxiliary buildings. Together, they form a magnificent building complex. This Christian Church complex in Weifang is a major cultural and religious relic that the municipal […]

Written on 2018-07-28 12:42 PM

The Ancient City of Memory has three exhibition halls. The first part is about Qingzhou’s arts and crafts; the second part is about Qingzhou old photography; the third part displays a sand table model of the whole Qingzhou city. The first exhibition hall majorly displays the wood, brick, and stone sculptures made from Qingzhou, and […]