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Chinese Culture Study Tour
Written on 2018-07-24 3:00 AM

During the summer, students and teachers often gather at the Confucius Temple in Jining to celebrate their strong bond built over the time of their classes there; and to also pay tribute to Confucius.

One of Confucius’ theories is that the relationship between teachers and students should be almost as strong as the relationship between parent and child. Why? Majority of morality and knowledge is taught at school.

The reason for that is besides family, school is the major place to learn morality as well as knowledge, and students learn both elements directly from their teachers. In other words, teachers have the same obligations and responsibilities as parents, so we should respect and honor them as we do to our parents.

By taking part in this event, middle schoolers will be able to gain several crucial characteristics such as gratefulness, generosity, persistence, etc, and it will serve as their foundation for success in the future.


Wenli Temple, Jining