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Chi’Pao Expo Adds Charm to Old Silk Town
Written on 2018-09-27 4:03 PM

Cheongsam, or Chi’Pao, is a traditional piece of clothing packed with symbolism for the Chinese culture. It’s so often worn as an evening gown or the ultimate dress for special occasions because Chi’Pao embodies elegance, class, tenderness and beauty in China. A Chi’Pao Expo showing off almost 1,000 gorgeous women for a little Qipao fashion show that took place in Zhou Village in Zibo on September 22 & 23 was meant to be a move to help promote the Chi’Pao culture and silk industry.

The Zhou village in Zibo is known to be a historical silk merchant village where you four large blocks of streets were kept to their original looks and still in operation like they did 600 years ago. Ruifuxiang, a silk garment shop now with branch stores in many major Chinese cities, started business in Zhou Village in 1661.