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Shandong Jinan

Shandong Jinan, the City of Springs

Jinan is the modern and bustling capital city of Shandong Province and boasts a robust population of 7 million people! From the north, you can reach Jinan from Beijing within 1.5 hours by high-speed bullet train. Continue south on your journey and the train can take you to Shanghai in just 4 short hours.

The capital’s history goes back 4,600 years as is evidenced by period black pottery discovered during an excavation in the 1920s. But it is known not just for its history. The city’s main claim to fame is its location — sitting atop more than 700 natural springs! Those springs feed a moat that surrounds the city walls built more than 600 years ago, as well as the majestic Daming Lake in the center of the city. The people of Jinan are so proud of their spring heritage that in order to ensure the springs’ continual flow, they do not utilize the spring water for daily use and instead pipe in drinking water from the Yellow River about 150 miles north of the city!

Jinan is also the epicenter of perhaps the most revered of China’s Eight Schools of Cuisines, Lu Cuisine. Dishes include extremely detailed carvings and showmanship flare, making dinner an exciting show for all the senses. Enjoy specialties like sweet and sour carp, sea cucumber garnished with green onions, and pan-fried pork kidney. Yum! The gourmet supreme master chef of Lu Cuisine is Yan Jing Xiang, who has inspired chefs for five generations. At Master Yan’s annual birthday celebration, you will see waves of students performing with the highest ritual respect to their master. Fans can also visit one of three private kitchens of Master Yan in Jinan.

While a modern, advanced city, Jinan also has a great history that can be seen on some of its oldest, most historic streets. Stroll Furong Street, once the city’s center of commerce, and stop into charming shops, tailors, bookstores, silk embroideries, dentists, photographers, historic hotels, and finger food stalls selling snacks, inspired by delicacies from all over China. Or hit Qushuiting Street, the city’s oldest residential street and home of former “royal” residences of China’s nationally acknowledged literary scholars. You will enjoy the quality calligraphy engraved on doors of their front porches!

Shandong Jinan
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Shandong Jinan Map

Shandong Jinan: Can't Miss Events

    Furong Street

    An ancient commercial center of Jinan, you will find finger food and snacks from all over China. This is still a local favorite place, especially for young people.

    Qushuiting Street

    Qushuiting Street, the oldest residential street (on the national historical registry) in Jinan. Enjoy its classic charm. Check front gate carvings and spring water stream floating in parallel to the street. You have great chance to see newlyweds nestling tight for their photo album below willow trees.

    Qianfu Mt. (Thousand Buddha Hill)

    Jinan’s largest downtown park, dating back to the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD), Qianfu Mt boasts 130 Buddha statues, Ten Thousand Buddha Cave at the foot of the hill’s northern slope, and original artworks spanning 2,000 years.

    Baotu Spring and Black Tiger Spring

    Though the city sits atop more than 700 springs, some of its most beautiful and well-known are Baotu Spring and Black Tiger Spring. Enjoy the springs’ serene beauty and historical significance and be sure to drink tea at the teahouse next door, made with water from the springs.

    Daming Lake

    This is a gathering place where you will see lots retirees gather to sing operas, line dance, stretch out. You can also find year round flower shows. Climbing onto Chao Ran Tower, you will see the entire old city, where spring water is everywhere. You will enjoy a large scale ancient city model that depicts lives of Jinan people since Song Dynasty 1,000 years ago.

    Dang Dang Bus

    This is a vintage bus with a driver and charming young guide dressed in 1900’s-style fashion. They will tell you all about the transformation of Jinan over the course of 100 years. Many stops are not on the tour guidebook. It is hop-on/hop-off Jinan style!

    Chef Yan

    “Stomach dictates agenda.” Peek into one of Chef Yan’s eateries to trace the origin of China’s imperial cuisine. Shrimp and potatoes are two of Chef’s master pieces.

  • Shandong
    The Jewel Between
    Beijing and Shanghai

Shandong Jinan Attractions

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province, commonly referred to as the “City of Springs.” Here you will experience the reason why Shandong is known as Friendly. The people of this city make everyone feel welcome and are happy to give each tourist a lasting memory to take home with them.

  • Shandong Museum
    Shandong Museum

    Qi and Lu are two of seven kingdoms upon which China was founded in 220 BC. Shandong’s nick name is Qi Lu. Early civilization of Shandong left us with a huge amount of historical and cultural heritages. Despite the fact that many local treasures have been moved to Beijing’s National Historical Museum, you can still find that Shandong Museum’s archive is overwhelming. Be sure to leave at least 4 hours. The museum is powered 100% by solar panels.

  • Shandong Provincial Art Museum
    Shandong Provincial Art Museum

    Near the Shandong High Speed Train Station in Xi Cheng District, this is the largest art museum in China. You will be amazed to find huge collections of painting, calligraphy, and folk arts. A new Jinan Museum of Contemporary History will be opening soon where a personal collection of over 10,000 household items over 200-year city history will be displayed.

  • Shandong Grand Theatre
    Shandong Grand Theatre

    There are three halls – the opera hall, the concert hall, and the theatre hall. The Opera hall has the capacity to hold 1,700 viewers.

  • Wetland Park
    Wetland Park

    For nature-lovers, Jinan has a large wetland park that opened in June 2017. Bring your camera to capture 50 types of birds. Take a 30 min boat ride deep into the wetland reserve. You can also participate in walking, cycling, running, and water sports activities.

Shandong Jinan Activities

  • Biking to Find Springs
    Biking to Find Springs

    For those who love nature, get onto “Bike to Spring” path. History books reveal there are 72 springs all over the city. Bike throughout this city to find them all.

  • Bar Hopping
    Bar Hopping

    More Bar: Owned by graduates of Sculpture, this bar is very artsy. Tel: 0531-82615021.

    Feibi Jazz Bar: Best Jazz DJ, one of 100 chains. Best jazz bar in town and professional singers.

    Cinderella 27 Club: Very large with Disco dance floor, princess bars, and KTV private rooms. Tel: 0531-87654321.

  • Boat Tour
    Boat Tour

    From Black Tiger Spring to Daming Lake.

  • Culinary Walk
    Culinary Walk

    Cultural Road Row of restaurants. Inzone Yuhan Basement: Cuisine Square. Garden Street. Best known Jinan gourmets: Nine-turn pig intestine, braised sea cucumber with scallion, You Xuan (Crispy pastry cake), sweet and sour carp, stir-fried pig kidneys, and pan-fried dumplings.

  • Thousand Buddha Chinese New Year Fair (1000 venues) and Daming Lake Country Fair
    Thousand Buddha Chinese New Year Fair (1000 venues) and Daming Lake Country Fair

    Circle around entire lake with one million attendees.

  • Baotu Lantern Festival
    Baotu Lantern Festival

    A Chinese New Year event, where traditional performance and food are served.

  • Chinese Traditional Art Shows
    Chinese Traditional Art Shows
  • Shandong
    The Jewel Between
    Beijing and Shanghai

Shandong Jinan Shopping

  • Fashion Shopping
    Fashion Shopping

    Inzone, Guihe and Hualian Shopping Centers

  • Local Souvenirs
    Local Souvenirs

    Lu Embroidery, Ping Yin roses, Ping Ying green unions, Apples.

Shandong Jinan Planning

Air Travel

Located in Yaoqiang Town in the suburbs of Jinan City, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport is linked with the city proper by the Airport Expressway and the Jinan Round-the-City Expressway. This airport has 230 weekly domestic and international flights and 54 airlines traveling to 35 Chinese and foreign cities. Domestic scheduled flights travel mainly to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Changsha, Kunming, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, and Urumqi.


At the junction of the Tianjin-Pukou and Jiaozhou-Jinan railways, Jinan is an important railway hub of China. There are two railway stations in Jinan—Jinan Railway Station and Jinan East Railway Station. Jinan Railway Station is a large junction with double-deck and single-deck express trains traveling directly to Beijing and Qingdao. Travelers can visit any city in China by train from Jinan.


Jinan has highways in many directions. Here, the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway meets the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway. Two national trunk roads, Beijing-Shanghai and Qingdao-Yinchuan highways, intersect here; and four national roads Nos. 104, 220, 308 and 309 run through the city. In addition, there are many provincial roads which radiate to all places in Shandong Province. While taking long-distance buses, passengers can go from Jinan to all counties (cities) in the province, as well as to 37 prefectures and cities of other provinces.

Urban Transport

Jinan City has many transport facilities, including 84 public bus lines, and 22,000 air-conditioned buses with a ticket costing one or two yuan. Jinan citizens only need to take a short walk to find a bus stop, and all tourist attractions can be reached by public buses. Air-conditioned buses go around the city, passing Daming Lake, Spurting Spring Lake, Spring City Square, Black Tiger Spring, Thousand Buddha Mountain, and Shandong Provincial Museum. On Sundays and Saturdays, and at festivals, special tourist buses go from the Sports Center or Jiefang Bridge to Lingyan Temple and Five-Peak Mountain. It is also very convenient to travel by taxi in Jinan. The starting price for Sangtana and Jetta taxis is six yuan, and the fare rate is 1.2 yuan per kilometers.

Airline information: 0531-6949418 (24-hour service)
Plane Ticket Office: 0531-6010333
Train information: 0531-2424762
Long-distance bus information: 0531-5818369
Taxi information: 0531-5818369

Tour Ideas

Day 1
Thousand Buddhist Mountain

You are welcomed to the city by the Maitreya, the happy Gold Buddha atop Thousand Buddhist Mountain. Maitreya is not alone on the mountain; he is joined by more than 130 statues of Buddha carved in the Sui Dynasty on the south side of the mountain. At the foot of the hill’s northern slop located in the Myraid Buddha Cave, are approx 28,000 Buddha images displayed.

Guihe Shopping Center (the largest center in the city)

Since you are in the capital city you can purchase special items from all of the providences. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Black Pottery and Chinese “Ink Wash” paintings.

Huiquan Resturant

This evening, savor typical Shandong cuisine at Huiquan Restaurant. One of the specialties of this providence is Jinan Roast Duck and spiral cake or cooked pears for dessert.


Day 2
Baotu Spring

Start the day off with a visit to the famous “Baotu Spring”. This spring, which has the water jutting up from beneath, is one of the three main attractions that you cannot miss while you are in Jinan. As the saying goes, “you have not been to Jinan if you have not visited Baotu Spring”. Baotu Springs is renowned as the best of the 72 springs that cover over 26 acres. Don’t forget to pack your bathing suit because you will not be able to resist taking a plunge.

Wangqueting Teahouse

As water from Baotu Spring is very nutritious and tasty, there is a very popular teahouse, Wangqueting teahouse, located right next to Baotu Spring, hosts tea ceremony to tourists. When you get thirsty after strolling around Baotu Spring, stop by this teahouse and enjoy some great tea.

Daming Lake Park

The park covers 212 archers and contains 6 lakes connected by ancient stone carved bridges. The lakes are surrounded by a vast amount of flowers. Each of the seasons have their special foliage, but the best of them is summer when the lotus blossoms are in bloom and the willows circle the lake. Truly breath taking and aromatic.

KTV (Karaoke Bar)

KTV name: Dongfang Zhiyun KTV
Address: Lixia District Wenhua East Road, No. 55

After your relaxing day, it’s now time to get out and party with the locals. Don’t be shy, you know you want to show off your shower singing voice.