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Shandong Laiwu

Shandong Laiwu, Green Mountains and Blue Waters

Despite being a major metro area in Shandong, Laiwu is relatively unknown outside of China. Only 50 miles or 70 kilometers from Jinan airport, this city of 1.3 million people is a popular weekend retreat for those in the capital city.

Laiwu prides itself in its beautiful natural resources, plentiful outdoor activities, and the Great Qi Wall, built 400 years prior to the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Previously called Ying, the region connected the Qi and Lu kingdoms, two of the seven kingdoms that were later unified to become modern China. There are many sections of the Great Qi Wall still remaining, but the 56-kilometer-long section in Laiwu has the longest walkable path. Adventurous travelers will want to set aside at least a day for exploring the remains of China’s first Great Wall as it is both an exciting trek and a thrilling cultural experience.

There are five villages that you can walk through along that path – and thus the area is called the “Cinque Terre” of Shandong. The villages of Fang Gan, Wang Shi Men, Lv Zhu Qian, Liu Jia Lin, and Nan Gui Shi allow you to take a peek at a lifestyle that has been preserved for more than 2,400 years!

Other can’t-miss attractions in Laiwu include Xue Ye Lake, the largest and the best-outfitted recreation area in Shandong, the Laiwu War Museum, and Mt. Hua National Forest.

Shandong Laiwu
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Shandong Laiwu Map

Shandong Laiwu: Can't Miss

    Great Qi Wall

    Visitors looking to trek the path of the Great Qi Wall should start at Jin Yang Pass, a gate that has been fully restored amid carefully preserved historical ruins. The path takes walkers through five villages, called the “Cinque Terre” of Shandong: Fang Gan, Wang Shi Men, Lv Zhu Qian, Liu Jia Lin, and Nan Gui Shi. Each of the villages embodies unique charms, but be sure to check out Nine Dragon Gorge in Fang Gai or one of Wan Shi Men’s popular local homestays.

    Laiwu War Museum

    China’s 1948 civil war battle memorial and Anti-Japanese War (1938-1945) Memorial.

    Mt. Hua National Forest
    Mt. Qi National Park
  • China National Airsports Fiesta

    This is the largest international airports event, attracting 30,000 visitors from 26 countries in 20 performances and competitions such aerial acrobatics, parachuting, hot air ballooning, powered paragliding and aeromodelling. Held in Sep 2018 at Xueye Lake. It is 50 kilometers from Jinan City.

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Shandong Laiwu Attractions

Laiwu is located at the center of Shandong close to Jinan, Zibo, Mount Tai, and Qufu. This city is famous for its ginger, pepper, and peaches.

Shandong Laiwu Activities

  • Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Exploring Ancient Villages, Beach Camping at Xueye Lake, Mountain Biking around Xueye Lake, Windsurfing, Fishing Festival

  • Four Seasons Fruit Picking: Cherry, Peaches, Strawberries, Chestnuts, Dates, Persimmon, Hawthorn, Etc.

  • Trekking on Great Qi Wall (70 kilometer walking path)

  • Five Village Trekking

Local Delicacies

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    Laiwu Sausage

    Prepared with high-quality pork from Laiwu black pigs, and traditional herbal medicines, such as lilacs and dill, Laiwu sausage is aromatic and tasty. The sausages produced by Shunxiangzhai Store are the best. Shunxiangzhai Store started to produce such sausages at the end of the Qing Dynasty, with a history of nearly 100 years. The sausages produced by this famous store are brownish-black in color, nutritious and tasty, with a strong aroma.

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    Fish Head Soup

    For those who dare to try fish head soup, Laiwu Fish Soup claims to be the King of fish head soup in China very much like the Maine lobster in USA.

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    Mt. Qi Chicken

    The broth is very light yet very tasteful. Ranks top 100 must eat with Lu Cru Sine. Tastes the best with Laiwu cake, as pictured.

Shandong Laiwu Planning

Laiwu is 1 hour away by car from Jinan, which has direct flights to Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The Xinli-Tai’an Railway runs through Laiwu City from east to west and the Ciyao-Laiwu Railway from south to north. The trains from Tai’an to Zhangdian and from East Laiwu to Ciyao make travel quick and convenient for tourists.

Laiwu also has advanced highways. The Boshan-Laiwu, Tai’an-Laiwu, and Laiwu-Xinwen expressways are connected with the Jinan-Qingdao, Beijing-Fuzhou, and Beijing-Shanghai expressways, respectively. Long-distance buses travel regularly from Laiwu to Jinan, Tai’an, Yiyuan, Xuye, Boshan, Xinwen, and Dahuaishu. There are eight public bus lines in the city proper to reach all tourist attractions. The fare is one yuan per ticket. Laiwu has over 20 taxi companies. The starting price for taxi is five yuan, 1.2 yuan per kilometer.

Airline information: 0634-6211088
Train information: 0634-6243314
Bus information:0634-6213941

Two-Day Itinerary:

Day One:

Great Qi Wall trekking and Mt. Fanggan “Nine Dragon Valley”

Day Two:

Xueye Lake, Agricultural Expo, Aero Sports Park, boating in Xueye lake, and maybe Laiwu War Museum.

Tour Ideas

Suggested 1-Day Tour
Visit the Xueye

Visit the Xueye Agricultural Garden that has more than 1,200 species of plants. Don’t forget to taste the local special: Xueye fish soup!

Depart to the Fanggan eco-tourism area

After lunch, depart to the Fanggan eco-tourism area where the Nine Dragon Canyon is located. Here you will experience some decent hiking at the Atlas Peak and Sea-Viewing Mountain.