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Shandong Linyi

Shandong Linyi, High Mountains and Long Rivers

Linyi, one of the most naturally beautiful cities in all of China, lies in the southeastern region of Shandong Province. Considered to be one of the largest metro centers in Shandong, the entire population of the region reaches over 11 million. In addition to bustling city living, here you can find a slower pace amongst Linyi’s wealth of greenery, clear water, deep history, and of course, friendly and inviting people.

Linyi is also a central part of China’s cultural scene and is the proud home of many renowned Chinese thinkers, scholars, military strategists, and mathematicians, including great Chinese household names like Zhuge Liang and Wang Xizhi.

The Linyi landscape is evenly divided by towering green mountains, rolling country hills, and expansive flatland so there is something for all varieties of travelers to take in and experience! Enjoy all three terrain types in Mengshan National Park – home to Mengshan Mountain, the second of the “five great mountains of Shandong” and often described as a “second Mount Tai.” This famous and historic cultural mountain is regarded as a sacred site and is famous for its gorgeous scenery and rich flora and fauna.

Nature lovers will also want to watch the waters flow in the nearby Natural Underground Gallery, named one of the top 10 natural attractions in Shandong and featuring dizzying displays of stalactites and stalagmites. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, take a boat ride through the natural canyon and marvel at the sights and sounds around you. You won’t want to miss the climb to the top of the Ji Plateau, which you reach via cable car, to see a village of 20 households, ancient tombs, and spectacular views. Occasionally performers in period dress will host shows atop the peak that showcase the history and culture behind this monument.

Shandong Linyi
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Shandong Linyi

Shandong Linyi: Can't Miss Events

    Mengshan National Park

    Home to Mengshan Mountain, often described as a “second Mount Tai” hikers here will enjoy trees and colorful vegetation throughout the park, while the peak of the mountain offers a commanding view for miles.

    Underground Grand Canyon

    One of the top 10 natural attractions in Shandong, this underground rifting of 2000 meters, caused by an earthquake, is of Guinness World Record proportions.

    Hot Spring Resorts

    Guan Tang Hot Spring in Hedong District, Zhi Sheng Tang Spring Resort in Yinan County, and Dongfang Ruihai in Yishui County are the ideal place to relax in local hot springs, soothing for both the body and mind.

  • Tianyu Museum of Natural History

    The largest natural geological museum in the world, the center houses 390,000 natural specimens.

    Kingdom of Ji Plateau

    Ji Plateau is said to the last stronghold of Ji Kingdom before they were annexed by Qi. In 2012 a huge tomb was discovered and excavated on the plateau top.

    Wang Xizhi Museum

    Local treasure Wang Zizhi was known as the “sage of calligraphy” and is responsible for thousands of drawings and poems. His residence is now open to visitors.

    Bamboo Spring (Zhuquan) Village

    A must-visit if you would like to experience Chinese traditional village life, this village features stone paths lined between the classical buildings, a natural mineral water spring, and local artisans showcasing their embroidery, pottery, pottery, clothing, and cuisine.

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Shandong Linyi Attractions

  • Museum of Bamboo Slip of Han Dynasty in Yinqueshan Hill
    Museum of Bamboo Slip of Han Dynasty in Yinqueshan Hill

    One of the top 100 archaeological findings in China, which proves that books titled “Art of War” were written by two different people (Sun Tzu and Sun Bin).

  • Zhuge Liang Cultural Park
    Zhuge Liang Cultural Park

    Visit this monument to the greatest military strategist in Three Kingdom Era of China (475-221BC).

  • Yishui Underground Canyon
    Yishui Underground Canyon

    It is located at the foot of Jiuding Lianhua Mountain. 6,600m long, it possesses the largest quantities of stalactites and stalagmites.

Shandong Linyi Activities

  • Linyi Cultural Festival of Calligraphy Sage
    Linyi Cultural Festival of Calligraphy Sage

    Ten major events and eight related activities are held including an art exhibition, cultural experience activity, expo and fair, cultural tourism and special forum. The festival is generally held in September.

  • Mengshan Mountaineering Festival
    Mengshan Mountaineering Festival

    May 1st and Oct 1st

Shandong Linyi Shopping

  • Chinese Calligraphy Brush/Ink
    Chinese Calligraphy Brush/Ink
  • Lan Ling Liquor
    Lan Ling Liquor

Local Delicacies

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    Linyi San (Thick Meat Soup)

    With a history of over 2,000 years, Linyi San is hot, aromatic, spicy, tasty, fatty, and rich in nutrients. It is a thick meat soup prepared with meat, crushed rice and wheat, onions, garlic, salt, flour, and soy sauce. Local people like to pair it with oily twists and cakes.

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    Mengyin Guanggun Chicken

    This dish symbolizes the rooster’s life. Usually, whoever makes the dish is a bachelor. The ingredients consist of soy sauce, hot peppers, green peppers, sugar, ginger, garlic, green onion, and chicken.

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    Eight-Treasure Fermented Soy Beans

    Shandong Linyi has a history of 130-some years of producing such fermented soy beans, which are nutritious, aromatic, refreshing, and tasty.

Shandong Linyi Planning

Linyi is close to Qingdao, Rizhao, Lanshan, and Lianyungang harbors and is convenient to navigate. The city proper has the largest passenger transport center by highway in Shandong Province. The Beijing-Shandong and Rizhao-Dongming expressways, No. 205, 206, 310 and 327 national roads, and over 10 provincial roads run through Linyi City.

Linyi has the national second-class airport. Scheduled flights travel from Linyi to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Dalian, Jinan, and Qingdao.


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