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Shandong Rizhao

Shandong Rizhao, the City of Sunshine

Rizhao, the “Sunshine City” in Chinese, is aptly named for being the first city to embrace the morning sun in China. With more than 60 miles of golden beaches, Rizhao rests along the eastern coastline of Shandong. While smog routinely engulfs cities across China, the Rizhao area’s lush bamboo forests and one hundred miles of tea farms have made it a perfect oasis. Blessed with high-quality beach sand and an average temperature of 55°F, Rizhao is a popular location for swimmers, surfers, and photographers.

Rizhao has the best green tea in northern China, called “Rizhao Qing”. While in Rizhao, be sure to visit a local tea farm, like Yu Hai Wan Tea Farm, where you can tour the fields and learn about tea culture and tea rituals in Shandong.

Visitors should also visit the Ju County Museum, the largest county museum in Shandong, showcasing 12,000 local artifacts, including a large collection of stone tablets, and Bamboo World, a 163-acre park featuring more than 100 varieties of bamboo. Be sure to also get photos with the oldest Gingko Tree on Earth, estimated at about 4,000 years old.

Shandong Rizhao
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Shandong Rhizao Map

Shandong Rizhao: Can't Miss Events

    Rizhao Coastal National Forest

    A stunning site of 2000 acres with 80% tree coverage, the forest is also home to a 7-kilometer coastal beach of very fine sand. Walking and biking paths are well maintained and guided tours are available during the travel season.

    Wan Ping Kou Seaport

    The city’s official beach, it’s also host to the region’s annual sun festival. It is adjacent to the city’s sailing site, which has hosted national and international competitions.

    Tea Gardens

    Rizhao grows some of the best green tea in northern China, called “Rizhao Qing.” More intense than more popular varieties, the tea has been recognized as one of top three seaside green teas by the World Tea Association. Rizhao produces 1,500 tons of tea per year. Visit the Yu Hai Wan Tea Garden and you’ll be invited to pick, roast, and taste tea with the owners.

    Bamboo World

    About 163 acres in size with more than 100 varieties of bamboo, including Moso, Henon, Mottled, and Indocalamus, the garden also features bamboo-themed performance shows daily.

    Fulai Mountain, Dinglin Temple, and King Gingko Tree

    Fulai Mountain is elegant, refined, and graceful with a large number of historical sites.

    Dinglin Temple is among the oldest temples in Shandong. First constructed in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), the temple reached its prosperity in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589), with a history of over 1,500 years. The courtyard is home to the oldest Gingko tree on Earth, estimated at about 4,000 years old. It is regarded as a living fossil in the biological world.

    Ju Xian Museum (Ju County Museum)

    This county museum is the largest county museum in Shandong. It was in Ju County that China’s Bronze Age originated, and visitors can discover the rich history of the region through 13 exhibit halls with 2500 treasures on display.

Shandong Rizhao Attractions

Rizhao is known as the “Oriental Sun City.” Its luxurious beach, bright blue sky, and ocean waters resemble Hawaii’s beautiful landscape. Additional city attractions include the scenic mountain and forest park areas. The city is famous for its history of ancient black pottery that was buried for over 4,000 years. Currently, that pottery is displayed in museums around the world and many experienced artists successfully carry on the art form today.

  • Legendary Green Tea Master, Bozi Bao’s Yu Hai Wan Tea Farm
    Legendary Green Tea Master, Bozi Bao’s Yu Hai Wan Tea Farm

    If you plan to visit a green tea garden, make it Yu Hai Wan Tea Farm. Spend the day with owner Mr. Bozi Bao, who will give you a personal tour of his farm and happily explain the intricacies of tea culture and tea rituals in Shandong. You may be invited to pick, roast, and taste boiled tea with deep-sea water drilled 100 feet beneath the seabed for a superb taste, an experience found nowhere else. Mr. Bao, a living legend of Shandong’s tea culture, also often shares his poems and local fables about tea history. Visits to the farm are by reservation only and last about four hours.

  • The Largest Gingko Tree
    The Largest Gingko Tree

    When one enters the courtyard, a huge tree will come into view. Over 27 m high and 5 m wide, it is the Oldest “Gingko Tree on Earth” and is estimated to be about 4,000 years old. Regarded as a living fossil in the biological world, records also show the tree witnessed many historical events, including a truce between the Lu and Ju Kingdom in 1,000 BC.

  • Extremely fine beach at National Forest Park. 7 kilometer long
    Extremely fine beach at National Forest Park. 7 kilometer long

    7 km Long

Shandong Rizhao Activities

  • Annual Sun Worship Ceremony at Wan Ping Kou
    Annual Sun Worship Ceremony at Wan Ping Kou

    This is not a tourism show. This is a local tradition that has been carrying on for centuries.

  • Sun Cultural Festival of Rizhao
    Sun Cultural Festival of Rizhao

    June 19th of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. You will see huge gatherings to bow to the sun, drums rock the sky, and folk singing and dancing. June 19th is sun’s birthday according to local rituals.

Shandong Rizhao Shopping

  • Kaide Square
    • Rizhao Green Tea
    • Fisherman’s cake

Local Delicacies

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    Shandong Rizhao is rich in marine life, such as squid, silvery pomfret, conger pike, prawn, swimming crab, and scallop. It is well known for its seafood dishes, such as Shrimp Meat with Green Belts and Coconut Milk, and Prawns with Special Juice.

Shandong Rizhao Planning

From Qingdao: One hour by car towards south.

  • Farmer’s painting
  • Black Pottery

Rizhao has its own airport that connects to all major cities in China.


Recommend Blue Sea Hotel at Wan Ping Kou. A four-star hotel owned and managed by a Shandong-based national hotel chain. The view is awesome, and the price is very reasonable. The breakfast area is also magnificent. It is open to the public as well as by popular demand.

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