A welcome from Shandong Governor Guo Shuqing

I personally welcome you to discover the natural beauty, renowned hospitality, and treasured history of Shandong.

Shandong Province is located on the lower reaches of the Yellow River. To our north, you’ll find the City of Beijing, the City of Tianjin, and the Province of Hebei. To the south, Shandong borders the Yangtze River Delta. Korea and Japan are just across Bohai Bay from us. This central location on China’s east coast has allowed us to become an integral component of the Pan Bohai Sea Economic Development Circle.

Shandong has 157.9 thousand square kilometers of land, 3,345 kilometers of coastline, and a population nearly reaching 100 million. Our 2015 provincial GDP is expected to exceed $1 trillion, and the per capita GDP will exceed $10,000.

Our location and robust transportation system makes reaching Shandong easy. China’s two most important national high-speed rails — Beijing to Shanghai and Beijing to Kowloon — run through our province. Three provincial railroads — the Jiaoji Railway, the Qingdao-Rongcheng High Speed Intercity Railway, and the Dezhou-Longkou-Yantai Railway – connect us to the east and west. The Grand Canal connecting Beijing and Hangzhou flows through Shandong as well. The province is crisscrossed by national and provincial expressways, and international airlines and ocean lines connect Shandong to the world.

History lovers will enjoy seeing the past to come to life thanks to the region’s many recent excavations and discoveries. Tools made of stone and bone, Neolithic signs showing early forms of written language from 5000 years ago were discovered at the Dawenkou site; metal works and traditional black pottery from 4000 years ago at the Longshan site. The two ancient settlements of “Chengziya” and “Liangchengzhen” remain to be among the earliest cities in China ever found.

A stroll through Shandong means walking the footsteps of some of China’s greatest names. Shandong natives like Confucius, Mencius, Zhuangzi, and Xunzi were great philosophers; Guan Zhong, Yan Ying, Zhuge Liang, Fang Xuanling, and Liu Yan were great statesmen; Sun Wu (Sun Tzu), Wu Qi, Sun Bin, and Qi Jiguang were great military strategists; Bian Que, Lu Ban, Fan Shengzhi, Jia Sixie, Liu Hong, Wang Zhen, He Chengtian, and Yan Su were great scientists and inventors; Wang Xizhi, Liu Xie, Yan Zhenqing, Li Qingzhao, Xin Qiji, Zhang Zeduan, Zhang Yanghao, Kong Shangren, and Pu Songling were great writers, calligraphers, and artists. Shandong is also the birthplace of many of China’s contemporary celebrities such as Ji Xianlin, Zang Kejia, Ren Jiyu, He Jingzhi, Qiao Yu, Mo Yan, Liang Xiaosheng, and Liu Dawei.

Shandong is also rich in natural treasures: the “Mother River” of China, the Yellow River, pours into the Bohai Sea off our coast and towering Mount Tai rises against our skyline. Other attractions include where The Great Wall of China was first constructed in Shandong, the world famous Spring City of Jinan, the seaport city of Qingdao, the Confucius’ hometown of Qufu, and the Penglai Wonderland.

The CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Government of Shandong put tourism at the top of our agenda. While building our brand of “Friendly Shandong,” we have focused on delivering more personalized, detail-oriented, and friendly service. We look forward to your visit as our tourism industry enters a golden era of expansion, offering custom travel packages such as:

  • Cultural enrichment tours
  • Exotic vacation packages for total relaxation
  • Eco tours
  • Spa escapes
  • Cruising and sailings tours
  • Confucius study tours

The people of Shandong are known for diligence and bravery, for honesty and generosity, for our deeply embedded respect and willingness to help other people, and finally for our hospitality to visitors. Come and see how we are growing our beautiful home by pursuing five development ideals: innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing. As we actively adapt ourselves, reach new heights, and fast track our economic development transformation. As we perfect our legal systems, improve our international business channels, and keep our momentum of growth steady. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit us for sightseeing, vacation, and investment in our province. Let us build our beautiful tomorrow together.

Friendly Shandong welcomes you.

Guo Shuqing

Governor, Shandong Province