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Qingdao Tian Heng Island Resort
Written on 2018-08-25 2:35 PM

Tian Heng Island Resort ranks the most popular vacation destination according to the locals. The name “Tian Heng” was derived from the prime minister of Qi Kingdom, Tian Heng. According to history, when Liu Bang, the establisher of Han Dynasty, attacked Qi Kingdom, Tian Heng with 500 soldiers fought intensively in the battlefield. After getting defeated by Liu Bang, Tian Heng refused to surrender and committed suicide.

In order to laud his loyalty and memorize his heroic deeds, people later on named this island “Tian Heng”. Nowadays, as the ultimate vacation spot, it provides tourists with pleasant temperature through all four seasons, freshest air, and the most wondrous scenery. If you happen to be in Qingdao, this is somewhere you cannot miss!


Qingdao Jimo District