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Understanding China Through Shandong

Discover the “Real China” through the eyes of those who have explored it. Experience Shandong’s nature, culture and history through these stories from real visitors.

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Written on 2018-12-15 6:00 PM

At the foot of Laoshan Hill, a small village of over 600 years resides with main activities in fishing and tea plantation. The village is known as one of the most beautiful villages, quiet, and peaceful scenery life. The many houses built atop the mountains have red-green tiles sharply contrasting the blue seas & skies. […]

Written on 2018-12-14 6:00 PM

Hmm what’s with all this bamboo you ask? The lush green is coming really soon to the Bamboo Spring Village! Take a guess where you think Shandong has the most bamboo greenery with a village inside too. Where? Where? Shandong

Written on 2018-12-13 5:00 PM

Linyi can be amazingly beautiful in 10 different ways. Where can you go to find these beauties? Linyi may be known for its mountains and caves; but other than that the region/city is amounted by stunning all-natural parks, reservoirs, islands and flowers. Let’s not forget the man-made constructed bridges and roads that hold a significant […]

Written on 2018-12-12 5:00 PM

The pearl of Liugong Island along the Weihai Bay – beholds many beautiful legends from the Han Dynasty and the Sino-Japanese War. Many of the architecture are of British-European style since the battle with the Japanese and help from the British  in 1895. An exposition of beautiful gardens at Liugong Island Expo Park constructs several […]

Written on 2018-12-11 5:49 PM

And once again, Qufu, home to Confucious’ hometown preserves its traditions with rituals & activities for the young and old. People from out of Taiwan and Zhejiang enroll their children in the study tour to teach them the way of the Confucius’ life, listen to folk stories in Hanfu, and enjoy the charms of Guoxue […]

Written on 2018-12-10 5:00 PM

Zibo is the perfect getaway; whether it be outdoors, indoors, skiing, lantern-watching, snowy magical wonderland, hot springs, or arts/crafts. Among them are also unique foods only in Zibo county, Zhoucun. Many things have originated from Zibo making it the first of many items created like what is known as soccer, a hand-crafted stool that is […]

Written on 2018-12-09 5:00 PM

Let’s have a bite of Dezhou to stretch our happiness! Dezhou’s Braided chicken is truly a national fame and has become a household name. The brand is everywhere, at the airport, train stations, streets, etc. The grilled yellow juice and unique fragrance spills out as one of Dezhou’s famous foods. You’d also get “10” of […]

Written on 2018-12-08 5:00 PM

When the staggering heights of Yimeng Mountain towers 800 meters over the Yimeng village, you know there lands a Castle Peak Valley with cottages and houses scattered in the village. The Yimeng village opens up its spring breeze as it unveils to the world of her mysterious aura. The terraces, farmhouses, temples, and cottages are […]

Written on 2018-12-07 5:00 PM

Oh man! These birds are living in such a superior ecological environment that makes a good habitat for them. Over 130 species of birds live in the Lake Taibai ecological area. Out of 130 of them, 27 are permanent birds residences, 27 are summer birds, 9 are winter migrating birds, and 68 are migrating birds. […]

Written on 2018-12-06 5:00 PM

Unlike other cultures who have produced art in their own homemade style, Binzhou’s Huimin produces works through clay sculpture. The well-known figure artist Zhang Kai and his family has been making clay-like figures for generations  of over 200 years of history. As successor of the folk art, he is using skills to revitalize traditional folk […]