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Understanding China Through Shandong

Discover the “Real China” through the eyes of those who have explored it. Experience Shandong’s nature, culture and history through these stories from real visitors.

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Written on 2018-09-27 5:07 PM

If to identify a landmark of Qingdao, the Zhan Bridge should rank pretty high on the list. Not only for its unique history of being built by the Germans and maintained as a military pier for half a century until 1949, but also for the unique recreational value it provides to people local and visiting. […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:59 PM

If know SunTzu, you also need to know Binzhou, his birthplace. This northern gate of Shandong is located by China’s mother river, the Yellow River, in the south. Aside from museums, developments of Bed and Breakfast in ancient villages at the Yellow River bank have also become popular among visitors in recent years. In star-hotel quality […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:50 PM

Staying in a fairy-tale-styled chateau and sipping wine in mild evening breezes could be high on the dream list for many. Now you can partly realize it when visiting Yantai. Taking full benefit of being one of China’s fruit baskets—major source of fruit supplies like applies and grapes for Northeastern China—Yantai has the natural resources […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:39 PM

After a year of construction, an ecological elephant house at the wildlife refuge of Qingdao opened to public this summer, introducing two Asian elephants moved with extreme care from China’s Southwestern province of Guizhou. Visitors can take a close view of this world’s endangered species from an observation tower as part of the elephant house. […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:32 PM

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the most fun when having fun and experiencing cultural traditions with someone else. In Zoucheng area of Jining, an abundant variety of activities gave people a chance to celebrate the festival while having fun. The Meng Family mansion offered its place to teach visitors to make moon cakes from scratch. There were […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:12 PM

Would you marvel to yourself why the Chinese culture takes such pride in the 2nd most sought after festival: the Mid-Autumn Festival? The symbol of the moon had play an important role in the history behind this festival. Legend has it that a love story between a heavenly lady and a hero on Earth had […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:03 PM

Cheongsam, or Chi’Pao, is a traditional piece of clothing packed with symbolism for the Chinese culture. It’s so often worn as an evening gown or the ultimate dress for special occasions because Chi’Pao embodies elegance, class, tenderness and beauty in China. A Chi’Pao Expo showing off almost 1,000 gorgeous women for a little Qipao fashion show that […]

Written on 2018-09-27 3:35 PM

About 25 miles east of Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, is Zhangqiu, a small town of just over 1 million population but well over 1,000 years of history, appreciated over centuries by many Chinese literary giants as being God’s gifted town of beautiful nature—handsome hills and ample springs—and cultural and artistic treasures. It takes less […]

Written on 2018-09-27 3:25 PM

A four-day mid-summer rodeo festival at Jimo of Qingdao pushed the city’s enthusiasm to levels dwarfing the heat waves sweeping across much of north China. The festival featured shows by 80 cowboys from 20 countries with millions of people spectating. It also turned to be a sports and culture fiesta with side events including, among […]

Written on 2018-09-27 3:13 PM

‘Tis the harvest season again! And fish hunting has become an early autumn ritual at Qufu, the hometown of Chinese “saint” philosopher Confucius. Seasonal dining is an important cornerstone of Confucian cuisine and fish has always been the biggest treat of this time of the year. To add fun to taste, local fish farms also […]