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Weishan Island One-Day Tour
Written on 2018-07-09 3:18 PM

In the morning, you can take the ferry to the Weishan Island tourist pier, and then take the bamboo raft to arrive at the Lotus Garden.

1) Lotus Garden

Once at the Lotus Garden, you will be immediately hit by the fresh aroma and joyful sensation these flowers bring. While enjoying the flowers, you are also invited to have lunch with the locals on the raft. Some of the locals from Weishan Island have never even step foot beyond the bamboo raft at all. You can enjoy the delicious lunch prepared by the locals and chat with them about their local cultures and customs.


2) Weizi Culture Garden

After lunch, you can take the tour bus to visit Weizi Cultural Garden. There is a marvelous scene of the Weishan Lake as well as the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. While appreciating the most incredible views that cannot be seen elsewhere, you can try different exotic teas as well as admire the elegant tea making process. You will also have the opportunity to pick out their favorite tea and make it themselves.

3) Railway Guerrilla Memorial Park

Later, you will head to “Railway Guerrilla Memorial Park”, and there, you will learn of the heroic deeds of the Chinese soldiers during the Sino-Japanese War. During those times, many civilians volunteered to become soldiers to defend their home country. Later, trains were derailed that Japanese military officers took over and destroyed the weapons Chinese soldiers brought.

After visiting the “Railway Guerrilla Memorial Park”, you will head back to the hotels and take a break until the end of day.


Location: Weishan Lake, Jining