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Weishan Lake: the “Great Lakes” in Jining
Written on 2018-07-06 3:53 PM


Under the jurisdiction of Jining, Weishan County is located on the southwest of Shandong province and south of Jining. Therefore, people call it “the south gate” of Shandong. In order to manage Weishan Lake in a better way, the government council approved the establishment of the Weishan County in 1953.

Weishan Lake is a pond-lake located in the southern part of Weishan County. It connects to Zhaoyang Lake, Dushan Lake, and Nanyang Lake in the north, and people have given these four lakes together a new name called “South Four Lake”. Among these four lakes, Weishan Lake is the largest spanning 660 km2 with a depth of about 3 meters. It is also the largest freshwater lake in northern China, with an important station at the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal.

On the surface, the lake is managed by Weishan County, but by the jurisdiction; the wetland lake belongs to the Jiangsu Province. The water surface area of ​​Weishan Lake is about 400 km2 (including some water surface area of Zhaoyang Lake), and the lake shoreline is about 62 km. On the other hand, the water surface area of ​​the Weishan Lake under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou (a city in Jiangsu Province) is more than 100 km2, and the lake shoreline is 60 km long.

Weishan County is known as “the Lotus Hometown”, “Water-town of Northern China”, “the Largest Wetland of Asia”, etc. Weishan County is also rich in culture and history such as canal culture, war culture, Lianzhu culture, Fuxi culture, etc.