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Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum
Written on 2018-07-24 2:53 PM

The Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum is the first County museum about dinosaurs in China. Many fossils like the Hadrosaurus from the late Cretaceous Period and other fossils and skeletons of 100 other dinosaur species are found at the museum too.


There is also a Tyrannosaurus pavilion which covers an area of 300 m2 displaying the complete relic fight between a Tyrannosaurus and a Ceratosaurus, an Ankylosaurus and a Hadrosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus’ fossils display in the pavilion is the largest in the world.

At the Dinosaur Cubic Pavilion, there are displays of dinosaur egg fossils as well as the dinosaur footprints from millions of years ago. Visitors will get a close look at these exhibitions and the full education from dinosaur specialists at the museum.



Zhucheng, Weifang