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Zibo Ecological Expo Garden
Written on 2018-08-21 6:00 PM

Wen Chang Lake Ecological Expo Garden is the most popular tourist attraction in Zibo incorporating sightseeing, tree planting, and fruit picking. With convenient transportation, it attracts tourists thousands of miles away.

On August 4th, the most popular event – grape picking took place with 20 different types of grapes. The whole ecological expo garden is covered with grapes and their leaves, and the crystal clear green color makes them look like jade emeralds. By just looking at them, you can tell how fresh and delicious they will be. The most exciting thing is you will be able to pick as many grapes as you want as long as you are able to finish them.

As we all know, grapes are one of our best friends in summer, so why don’t you add Zibo Ecological Expo Garden onto your itinerary.


Zhengyang Road, Wenchang Lake Tourism Resort