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Zibo Former Residence of Pu Songling
Written on 2018-08-30 2:51 PM

Before introducing the former residence of Pu Songling, it is better for you to have some knowledge about a book, called “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio”,  written by him first. Pu Songling used the stories he made between humans and ghosts/foxes to criticize the dark sides of the society as well as express his hope to pursue pure love and happiness. The ideas of those stories actually came from the former residence of the author called Liaozhai town.

The building itself  is a typical northern Chinese residence, but nowadays, it is a museum specifically displayed Pu Songling’s life and works. By only visiting his former residence can you fully empathize what he felt and understand what he delivered in the book.


Zichuan District Pujia Village