1001km Self-Driving Coastal Route in Weihai

12 hours, 1001 kilometers! Travel through more than 400 graceful villages and see the beautiful scenery in Weihai, Shandong! 

The best place to take in the scenery is while on the road. Road trips are tempting not only because of where you are headed, but what you will see on the road 

Time to head out, Weihai’s thousand-kilometer self-guided driving tour will take you past every windy area and sunny corner. This long highway almost sets the world record at 1,001 kilometers, as though creating a beaded string of attractions onto a bracelet.  

This highway passes through 46 town streets, more than 400 characteristic villages, and 194 homestays. Nearly 90% of Weihai’s attractions are gathered onto this single route, so take your time to enjoy them!   

As you drive down the coastal road, you are bisecting the mountains and the sea. From rolling hills on your left to the vast blue waves on your right, you can see the tides surge and smell the fragrance of vegetation in the air 

Here, you can savor your vacation slowly, and explore the landscape freely, unfettered, setting aside all of your worries and headaches.  

On This Road 

/Views of Four Seasons  

This route is usually surrounded by flowers in the spring and coated with snow in the winter. It is also a relaxing route to take, with mountains and rivers as company while you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. You can find the apricot blossoms and fine drizzles that define Spring, while in the Summer, you can ride the waves and travel around the island. Right now, you can take advantage of the weather since Spring is not yet over, and visit the foot of Mount Kunyu to enjoy the Shiba Sakura blossoms or fall asleep to the sound of waves at the century-old seaweed houses 

In the Fall, you can enjoy all kinds of fishing activities; Winter, you will find pure white fluffy snow and singing swans all around. When the leaves have all turned yellow, you can witness the changing of seasons as the leaves descend and cover the ground. You can also literally “bathe in the snow”, as the natural hot springs remain comfortable despite the surrounding snowfall.  

On this Road 

/Across the mountain and seas – romantic encounters /Across the mountain and seas – romantic encounters 

Who hasn’t been a freedom-loving, hot-blooded youth, wanting to conquer the tallest mountains and see the furthest lands? Now, you have the chance to dust off your backpack and revive those youthful ideas. Come to Weihai to explore and encounter that long-lost romance! Winding all the way along Qingyu Tan, the peaks and ridges are undulating, the blue waves are vast, and the majestic mountains and the vastness of the sea can be seen in full view. 

The S shaped curves, musical roads, graffiti roads, and fluorescent trails are all thrilling parts of the eight characteristic sections of the self-driving route. The “Rainbow Highway” that went viral on the internet remains a hot section for self-driving tours.  

On this road 

/Delicacies of the mountains and sea 

Along the way, the delicious delicacies are also mouth-watering. From the city to the countryside, from the mountains to the ocean, mountain treasures and seafood take root here, and different foods collide and merge with each other for a unique Weihai experience.  

As the four seasons pass by, and the tides rise and fall, every season has its seasonal freshness. Along the thousand-kilometer coastline, you can taste rich and delicious seafood while experiencing the warmth of the fishermen’s cooking.  

You can find here strawberries and cherries in the Spring, and apples and figs in the Fall. From fishermen on the seaside to farmers in the countryside, feast your eyes as well as your taste buds on the fresh and delicious ingredients. 

On this route, you can see, eat, and explore, isn’t that  wonderful! 

Come over to Weihai! Let us drive, sing, and explore the mountains and sea to see the most beautiful Weihai has to offer! 

Travel Tips:

  1. Regarding Transportation: Foreign tourists can land at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and transfer to Weihai International Airport. After arriving in Weihai, you can utilize Baidu Maps or Gaode Maps to search the following: “千里山海自驾旅游公路” (Thousand Kilometer Self Driving Route) to start your self-driving adventure!  
  2. About the route: This highway passes through 46 town streets, more than 400 characteristic villages, 194 homestays, and includes over 90% of Weihai’s attractions. 
  3. Other Important Notes:
    1. Prior to departure, you must conduct a car examination at an approved car dealer to ensure the car is safe to hit the road.
    2. Before traveling, make sure to bring tow ropes, battery cables, triangle parking signs, spare tires, etc.
    3. Design your travel route before departure: It is best to choose official accessible scenic spots and decide beforehand.  After determining the scenic spots, it is necessary to choose the driving route and follow the principle of traveling by expressways and national roads first.
    4. Do not drive while fatigued. A reminder from the more experienced: for new travelers, it is best to travel in a group instead of traveling solo.
  4. About the checkpoints: According to surveys and calculations, it is reasonable to have a checkpoint every 30-40kms along the self-driving highway. Starting May 1st, 2021, the first batch of 12 checkpoint stations are as follows: 
    1. Sunjiatuan Station
    2. Dongpuwan Station
    3. Hailuowan Station
    4. Naxianghai Station
    5. Baohai Station
    6. Naxianghai Station
    7. Wawushi Station
    8. Dongchu Island Station
    9. Tianmu Hot Spring Station
    10. Jinding Station
    11. Tianjia Station
    12. Liudu Temple Station. 

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