Rizhao, called “Sunshine” City in Chinese, is aptly named for being the first city to embrace the morning sun in China. With more than 60 kilometers of golden beaches, it rests along the eastern coastline of Shandong, south of Qingdao. Affectionately called the “Sailing Capital” by locals, Rizhao is also proud to have hosted the sailing events for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Indeed, Rizhao’s hospitality and beautiful landscape make it an alluring destination for travelers. While smog can still cloud cities across China, the lush bamboo forestry and 100 km2 of tea farms has made Rizhao into a perfect oasis. Blessed with high quality beach sand and an average temperature of 55°F (12°C), it is a popular location for swimmers, surfers, photographers, and of course, romantic couples.

Rizhao is adjacent to Qingdao at the south. In contrast to Qingdao’s bustling lifestyle as a true international city, Rizhao is a place to slow your pace, recharge yourself, and enjoy an ultimate family vacation. Rizhao is a family vacation paradise.

Rizhao Coastal National Forest. This is the best looking forest of 2,000 acres with 80% tree coverage in Shandong. Within the forest borders, there is a 7 km coastal beach with extremely fine sand. Walking and biking paths have been maintained at top conditions. In the summer, flowers of hundreds of varieties are in full blossom. There are about 70 forest staffers who provide guided tours during travel seasons. And in the winter, forest workers plant new trees joyfully. Take a listen into the many stories they can tell you.

Wan Ping Kou is Rizhao’s official city center beach, stretching out to 5 km long. This place used to be a docking spot for ancient merchant ships. Today, it is also where the “Sun worshipping ceremony” that takes place every New Year’s Day happens. Adjacent to the beach is the city’s Olympic sailing site, where the city regularly hosted world sailing annual national tournaments. Without a doubt, the sailing event of the 2008 Beijing Olympics is the talk of local pride.

Tea Gardens. Rizhao boasts to grow the best green tea in northern China. It is called “Rizhao Qing”, directly translated to the “Rizhao Green”. As compared with China’s well-known tea brand, the “Long Jing”, Rizhao Green’s fragrance is more intense and its tea leaf body is curvy and larger. By official record, Rizhao is recognized as one of the top three seaside green tea cities by the World Tea Association. Rizhao produces 1,500 tons of tea annually, about 50% of Shandong’s total tea output. The best tea garden you should not miss is called, “Yu Hai Wan Tea Farm”. Plan to spend 2-3 hours to hear the owner, Mr. Pozi Bao‘s introduction to his tea farm, culture and rituals. You will be personally invited to pick, roast, and taste tea from deep-sea waters drilled 100 feet beneath the seabed. This will be a surprising and delightful experience. Mr. Bo is a living legend of Shandong’s tea culture. He writes poems, and shares many of his fabled stories about tea history. His tea is typically sold out before it hits the market. It is recommended to make a reservation before arriving.

Bamboo World (zhudongtian)

The Bamboo World is a bamboo garden with Polynesian-style performances by exotic ethnic dancers and singers from Yunnan Province of Southern China. The farm covers 163 acres with over 100 varieties of bamboos, including moso, henon, mottled, and indocalamus, black bamboo, etc. All the bamboo trees are imported from Southern China. Bamboo in China symbolizes persistency, beauty and romance. You will see bamboo-themed historical or fabled statues and sculptures dotted throughout the bamboo garden. You will also find tea houses and snacks in the garden. Bamboo is not a native to Shandong, but over a short period of 10 years, a lush bamboo forest emerged. Be sure to book a performance of this Polynesian show. Use the Chinese word, “Zhudongtian”, as your reference to find tickets to purchase.

Welcome to Rizhao!


From Qingdao: One hour by car southwards 

Rizhao has its own airport that connects to all major cities in China. 

Hotel:  Recommend Blue Sea Hotel at Wan Ping Kou. A four-star hotel owned and managed by a Shandong-based national hotel chain. The view is awesome, and price is very reasonable. The breakfast area is also magnificent. It is open to the public as well as by popular demand.


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