The New Year’s festivity usually starts 10 days before all the way till the 15th day of the Lunar New Year (Feb 12). Here are just a few things the locals do, eat, and fun activities to celebrate the New Year.

2021 Friendly Shandong Chinese (Lunar) New Year Greeting

Warm greetings to our overseas friends!

Chinese Lunar New Year, a.k.a the Spring Festival, is fast approaching. February 12th to be exact. This is China’s most exotically celebrated holiday. We call it, “Guo Da Nian”. From today till Jan 15 (Feb 26), the entire China will indulge in various celebrations. We will be busy with new decorations, praying for good fortune by driving off bad luck, worshipping our ancestors, and wishing fellow citizens and friends abroad a happy 2021.

In Shandong, the New Year Eve is our most important time for family reunion. By tradition, we make dumplings; enjoy the New Year eve feast; pray for heaven and earth. On New Year’s Day, we will attend grand temple fairs and watch the festive folk parades. A super exciting time for us. During this holiday season, we at Friendly Shandong wish our overseas friends and families with health, wealth, and happiness.

In 2021, Friendly Shandong has prepared a festive 2021 travel plan. Our Mt. Tai tops the five sacred mountains in China; our Mt. Lao is an acclaimed top fairy mountain; our Mt. Ni that gave birth to our great hometown saint, Confucius; our Mt. Liang that hosted our Water Margin’s 108 Robinhood heroes. Here we have our UNESCO heritage site, the Grand Canal of China; underneath our coastal Bohai and Huanghai seas, we have good oil reserves, deposits of seafood, and endless fishermen stories. In Jinan, we have the Daming Lake. What a feast of mountains and waterways we have.

Our diverse geographical profile gave birth to our mountains, rivers, lakes, creeks with close access to two seas. Our vast land affords us four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Combine both geography and season, we are able to enjoy the large variety of fresh culinary ingredients. And in return, we are presented with foods of a lifetime with dishes from Sweet and Sour Carp, Nine-turn Intestine, Pan-fried Kidneys, Tsingtao beer, Changyu grape wine, Jimo old wine, etc. An abundance of festivities await your arrival.

Our rich heritage created many stories. Here you will find Confucius Cultural Festival, Sun Tsu Cultural Festival, Weifang Kite Festival, etc. Among the numerous festive holidays in the year, the Spring Festival is our favorite. Joining us for the New Year is the best way to dive into the Chinese traditional culture. Besides, you will see our elegant provincial-wide light shows, exciting showcases of our folk art heritage, and above all, a feast of arts awaiting your arrival.

A culturally sacred place and holiday heaven, Friendly Shandong welcomes you.


Shandong Provincial Commission of Culture and Tourism 2021