2021 Friendly Shandong New Year Greeting

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Looking back, this was a year of fighting the epidemic and also a year to embark a revival to the cultural and tourism industry. This year, we had successfully launched projects such as the 2020 Shandong Tourism Development Convention, Winter Exploration of Qi-Lu, Friendly Shandong Season of Reward series, and Friendly Shandong Gala promotions. On this celebratory New Year’s Day, we at Shandong Provincial Commission of Culture and Tourism would like to extend our sincere greetings and admiration to our overseas friends at home and abroad who care about and helped to promote Shandong’s Cultural and Tourism development.

Looking forward to 2021, Friendly Shandong will continue to prepare our cultural and tourism festivities and programs for you passionately with warm hospitality and an open heart. As always, spring will come after withering harsh winter storms. We absolutely look forward to:

    …the day when we finally defeat this pandemic, with masks off for sure, we will welcome you safely  Spring City in Jinan. The world’s number one Spring Scenic area in Jinan surprises you with its beautiful natural landscapes as if witnessing a painting before eyes awaits your visit.

    …the day when the flowers are in full blossom and Covid-19 is eradicated; and when we will, surely without mask, wait for you at the majestic Mt. Tai, our tallest peak in the land of Qi-Lu and the highest peak among China’s Five Sacred Peaks.

    …the day when we wait for you, in full blossom after winning the pandemic, at Qufu, where the Confucius Mansion, Confucius Temple and Confucius Cemetery stand. Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, is in our beautiful city of Jining. The wisdom of Confucius manifests at this World Heritage Site with holy teachers eager to teach you their wisdom.

Though mountains and rivers can separate us; the wind and moon connect us together under the same Earth sky. Friendly Shandong will always join hands with our overseas friends and fight the pandemic.

We will be ready to welcome your arrival.


Shandong Provincial Commission of Culture and Tourism 2020