A 410 Years Old Peony in Heze Surprises China

People are often attracted to see flowers no matter the season. April’s highlight is a peony with many stories.  

Now you can see China’s national flower, peony by plane. 

To Heze natives, spring excitement can only be expressed by peony.  Sharing the peonies is a lot of fun.  On April 2nd, Heze welcomed the maiden flight from its own airport.  From here you can fly to 16 cities such as Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Beijing, Haikou, Sanya, etc., to see peony.  Here is what to see and do at Peony Cultural Festival.   

History on peony

Peony typically blossoms in the spring. A different kind of peony, aka Shaoyao, is woody and is different from the herbal shaoyao. After April 4, many flowers are still closed but the peony blossom is starting to show of its elegance.

Heze’s hometown pride starts from an old saying “no one can beat peony at Caozhou” (today’s Heze).  Heze’s peony tops that of China historically and in variety.

Heze’s peony story started from the Sui Dynasty (581-618AD), flourished during the  Tang and Song Dynasty (618-1279), and became hugely popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1912), leading China for 500 or more years.  

Heze’s peony has over 1100 varieties.

Best time for blossom

April is the best season to enjoy peony. We will be hosting the 2021 World Peony Conference, 2021 Heze Cultural and Tourism Development Conference and the 30th International Peony Cultural and Tourism Festival.  You will be sure to see the best around during the peony season.   

This year, high temperatures and dry weather has caused the usual blossom schedules to bloom ahead of the normal schedule. With the onset of peony blankets, the 410-years old king peony at the Caozhu Peony Garden has opened his arms to visitors. More peony varieties blossoming. 

Places to see beautiful peony in Heze:

Caozhou Peony Garden

Caozhou Peony Garden is the No. 1 destination to see the peony in full blossom. It is the largest peony garden in the world in size and variety and is China’s national AAAA tourism site.  

Caozhou Baihua Garden

Located in the Heze peony district, the Heze Baihua (Hundreds of Flowers) Garden started between 1521-1567. Though smaller in size as compared to the Heze Peony Garden, its reputation is almost as good, if not better.

China Peony Garden

China Peony Garden has 900 species and over 100,000 plants. Rare colors include Zhao pink, oriental gold, sea yellow and dark red are all eye-catching.

Additional peony sites: Tianxiang Park, Gujin Peony Garden, etc.

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