Guide to the Yellow River Route (Part I)

With a constant flow of beautiful scenery, satisfying all of your expectations for early summer in Shandong…

The raging Yellow River begins to calm down as it reaches Shandong, leaving behind endless scenery on the former land of the Qi and Lu Kingdoms.

The beautiful tidelands, vast wetlands, and rich humanities, along with the azure sky and deep green forests, combine together to form a grand kaleidoscopic image.

△ Jinan’s Yellow River Bridge: The bridge stretches to span across both banks of the Yellow River, connecting one side’s greenery to the other side’s vitality.

Come plan a trip to Shandong and add the Yellow River to your agenda for a stroll!


Stop #1: Dongying

Yellow River Mouth Wetland || The Youngest Wetland

Dongying’s Kenli is where China’s Mother River – the Yellow River – enters the sea and where thousands of migratory birds roam free, leading Kenli to be known as the “Hometown of Chinese Oriental White Storks” and “Hometown of Chinese Black-billed Gulls”.

You can watch the birds as they fly over the sea, enjoy the sunset as it descends into the river, and admire the scenery along the wooden walkway! You can also witness the beauty of the wetlands on a delicately painted houseboat!

The wetlands are formed by the equal merging of salty sea water and fresh river water that provides a unique living condition for migratory birds. At dusk, the sun rays shine through the colorful clouds and dye the beach red as migratory birds fly over the wide river. What a picturesque scene as described by Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD) poet, Wangbo, in his classic work the “Preface to Teng Wang Pavilion”. 

As you enter the Yellow River Delta Bird Museum, you can see the beauty of the Yellow River Mouth captured during the different seasons. In addition to the river-sea intersection and the migratory birds, there are also other mysteries to explore. What a treasure trove!

There are also a variety of lifelike bird specimens and models in the museum, from the characteristic red-crowned crane, to the white stork and beyond, these exhibits vividly display these birds’ appearances and living habitats.

After visiting the museum, you can take a boat from the pier and look at the wetland scenery, or stroll along the wooden walkway to learn about the different vegetation as you identify the various animals in the water: red-crowned cranes, ducks, peacocks, etc.

At the “bird release” area, under the guidance of the staff’s whistle, flocks of red-crowned cranes rush towards you; chirping and shrieking all the way. As they fly by with great power and vigor, you might feel a bit stunned, and sometimes moved!  

On the last stop, which is also the most surprising experience, take a cruise on the bank of the Yellow River to see the world’s largest “Double-Flavored Hotpot” – the color of the soup that “divides” right down the middle! In cases of inclement weather, you can climb the overlooking tower to gaze upon the Yellow River’s beauty from above.

  • Address: Yellow River Delta Natural Ecological Reserve, Kenli District, Dongying City
  • Phone: 4001662158

Tour Route:

Yellow River Delta Bird Museum → Yellow River Old Course Willow Forest Park → Wetland Boating–Free-Flying Bird Area → Lunch at Yuanwanglou or take a yacht to see the river sea confluence.


Stop #2: Liaocheng

Dong’e E-jiao City || A Nourishing Product from a Unique Water Source

Since ancient times, Dong’e County has been a place of outstanding people, beautiful sceneries, time-honored cultures, and unique foods.

If you are visiting by car, you must stop at the Aishan Kakou, and see for yourself the magnificence of the narrowest part of the Yellow River lower course.

Following the Yellow River into Dong’e County, the unique water quality has produced this nourishing holy product: Dong’e E-jiao. If you want to unravel its mystery, you can start from the “E-jiao” Museum!

The museum introduces the process of making E-jiao, its history of medicinal use, how it has transformed throughout the years, the differences between E-jiao and other donkey gelatins from other areas, and more.

The “Golden Pot”, “Silver Shovel”, and “Copper Scoop” were used to make imperial E-jiao tribute which was regarded as the most luxurious and of the highest quality.

From the E-jiao Museum, you can go to the E-jiao World Experience Factory. Nowadays, the factory is a scene of lush lakes and green grass. Here, you experience interactive exhibits such as the Phantom Theater, the E-jiao Quest Gallery, the Jinwu Cangjiao Museum and the E-jiao-themed tea restaurant.

Dong’e E-jiao City, not far from the museum and factory, is also a must-visit attraction. It is located at Luoshen Lake Park in the western suburbs of Dong’e County. The E-jiao City is surrounded by fresh greenery, and the antique buildings neatly line up both sides of the ancient street.

This is a well-known film and television studio city built according to the design of Professor Mao Huaiqing, who was the chief art designer of the movies “The Emperor in Han Dynasty” and “Qiao’s Grand Courtyard”. You may recognize many locations from your favorite TV shows!

About Food:

When you come to Dong’e County, a donkey meat meal is a cannot-miss treat, especially the popular donkey hot pot that is a must have for foodies! As the saying goes: “Dragon meat in the sky, and donkey meat on land”.

  • Dong’e E-jiao City Address: Luoshen Lake Wetland Park, Huanqiu Road, Dong’e County, Liaocheng City
  • E-jiao Museum/Factory Address: E-jiao Street, Dong’e County, Liaocheng City

Tour Route:

E-jiao Museum → E-jiao Experience Factory → E-jiao City → Mt. Yaowang → If you have time, you can visit the black donkey farm to see the black donkey prince!

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