A Jewel between Beijing and Shanghai!

Not long ago, a 150 million year-old dinosaur-bird fossil from the Cretaceous Period was discovered in Zhucheng, Shandong. This rare find provided archaeologists a catalyst to study the evolution of birds, dinosaurs and human life itself. When naming this groundbreaking find, scientists worldwide agreed that a name representative of Chinese culture must be used. They agreed unanimously to forever call this fossil Confucius Bird.

It has been said that Shandong itself is a “Confucius Bird” because as well as being the hometown of Confucius, it is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization. Interestingly, the map of Shandong resembles a large bird spreading its wings in flight to the East.

Innumerable vestiges of China’s long history, which make Shandong Province a virtual museum of the country’s past, mingle with evidence of its frenzied transformation into a modern society. Mother Nature’s most magnificent accomplishments compete for attention with myriad man-made treasures.

In an area not much larger than Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia combined, visitors can experience much of what China has to offer, including attractions that will thrill even the most seasoned international traveler.