Ancient Beauty of Zhou Village

The Ancient Beauty of the “Greatest Village in the World”!

Zhoucun “Zhou Village”, an ancient old town seemingly frozen in time, is lined with clusters of ancient commercial buildings. In fact, it is often known as the “Living Museum Cluster of Ancient Commercial Buildings in China”!

This ancient village has been visited by many celebrities, such as renowned film director Zhang Yimou and actress Sun Li. Just recently, CCTV (Chinese Central Television) visited here as well. How remarkable does this ancient village have to be to attract so many celebrities? You should come and find out for yourself!

To become known as the “Living Ancient Commercial Buildings”, how profound must the history and culture of Zhoucun be?

Once upon a time, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912 A.D.) visited Zhoucun to watch the Lantern Festival celebration. He was shocked by the beautiful scenery, and bestowed Zhoucun the title, “The Greatest Village in the World”.

Zhoucun is the perfect representation of the ancient Zhou Kingdom’s commercial culture. It has many names: “Dry Dock”, “Golden Zhou Village”, “Silk Hometown”, and “The Greatest Village in the World” are just a few. The village still retains its original appearance and historical qualities from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and is crowned the “Living Museum Cluster of Ancient Commercial Buildings in China” by experts” from the China Commission for the Protection of Ancient Architectures.

You can find many shops on the street and historical sites scattered around the city. After many years of restoration and protective development, the Zhoucun Ancient Village has expanded its addition of the Thousand-Buddha Temple Complex, Rui Fu Xiang Silk Shop, Folk Custom Exhibition Hall, Champions’ Mansion, Historical Bank Exhibition Hall, Yang Family Courtyard, Grand Dye Shop, Kuixing Pavilion Temples and other historical sites.

Zhoucun Ancient Village is one of the best-preserved Ming-Qing ancient commercial clusters in northern China. In fact, it still plays an important role in commerce and trade today! No wonder it is considered China’sLiving Ancient Commercial Street” and “Ancient Commercial Buildings Museum”.


Places to check in Zhou Village:

“Dajie” Commercial District

Dajie is Zhoucun’s biggest and oldest commercial street. It is the center of the Ancient Zhou Village.

Silk Market Street

The Silk Market Street has been used as a professional marketplace for silk trading for more than 400 years, lending to its status as a symbol of Zhoucun’s silk trading prosperity.

"Hanmatou" Dry Dock

Although this historic “dry dock” has endured the wear and tear of time, there is still a part of the glory that remains “sealed” in today’s Zhoucun Ancient Village.

Performances can be seen everywhere, how cool is that experience?

Upon arriving at the ancient village, all sorts of performances and shows are within reach without having to even buy a single ticket! During the holidays, there are many wonderful folk performances in the ancient village, such as Sichuan face-changing opera, Chinese Yoyo, acrobatics, etc. You will be shocked at the variety of unique folk skills this ancient village has to show you!

How Aromatic is the “Greatest Village in the World”?

Zhoucun Biscuit

In the Zhoucun Ancient Village, there is a biscuit with more than 1,800 years of history. It is as thin as paper, and is made by local villagers.  In fact, it has outshined its category as a “food”, and has now become known as a local cultural heritage and an iconic pride of the Zhoucun people.

If you want to learn more about the history and making process of these Zhoucun biscuits, the Zhoucun Biscuit Museum is a place you can’t miss here. Not only can you taste the thin, fragrant, crisp, and crumbly “Zhoucun Biscuits”, but also witness the traditional making process.

    Ding Family Hotpot

    In Zhoucun, hotpot is a must-have daily meal. With a history of more than 80 years, it is one of Zibo’s local specialty cuisines.

      Zhoucun Ancient Village Destination Guide

      Address Information:  1 Xinjian Middle Road, Zhoucun District, Zibo City Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm

      Ticketing Information: 120 CNY ($18)/Person

      Tour Route: (Thousand Buddha Temple + Encounter Zhoucun Village + Rui Fu Xiang Silk Exhibition Hall + Folklore Exhibition Hall + British American Tobacco Company + Ancient Bank Exhibition Hall + Yang Family Courtyard + Kuixing Pavilion + Kaka Magic Museum + Qing Dynasty Post Office + Three Star Temple + Food Ration Stamp Museum + Champions’ Mansion + Grand Dye Shop)

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