Bamboo World (Zhudongtian)

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Bamboo is one of China’s universal symbols of beauty. The Rizhao Zhudongtian Scenic Area covers over 1,000 acres, including more than 200 acres of mōsō bamboo and more than 400 acres of other bamboo species. It is an extremely successful example of bamboo migration from south to north. Nearly a hundred bamboo species such as light bamboo, steel bamboo, and golden inlaid yuzhu in the garden live in harmony, prosperous and symbiotic, forming beautiful and unique scenery.

Bamboo in China symbolizes persistency, beauty and romance. You will see bamboo-themed historical or fabled statues and sculptures dotted throughout the bamboo garden. You will also find tea houses and snacks in the garden. Bamboo is not a native to Shandong, but over a short period of 10 years, a lush bamboo forest emerged. Be sure to book a performance of this Polynesian show. Use the Chinese word, “Zhudongtian”, as your reference to find tickets to purchase.

Address: Jiangshuaigou, West End of Haiqu West Road, Rizhao City

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