Baotailong Underground Rift Valley

It is no brainer everyone will visit Mt. Tai when they travel to Tai’an. The Taishan underground rift is a secret zone between the two mountains of Mt. Tai and Lushan. The miraculous and grand sight shows how nature created a geological change. The rift is hundreds of meters deep and a rich groundwater resource in the cave provides the base to water-raft. Even the Guinness World Records certified it as the longest unpowered underground river rafting.

Location: Baotailong Tourist Area, Qiujiadian Town, Taishan District

More info:

  • Tickets: 95 RMB
  • Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Average time spent: 2-3 hours
  • Transportation: Take bus No.13 and No.48 from Taishan station directly to the Taishan underground rift valley


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