Baotailong Underground Rift Valley

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The entire story started with the ground collapsing 100m in diameter in 2003. Rumors travelled quickly for villagers nearby would in danger. In good time, a nearby village was safely relocated. Not until 5 years later when a farmer lost his drill while digging a well in his backyard that an exploration was yet to be continued. The Baotailong Underground Rift Valley officially opened in April 2016. The size is so gigantic that you will need to take a 28-minute rafting fully appreciate the beauty of it. We believe this will be the next wonder of the world. This rift valley is larger than the Mammoth Cave (82.63 mi2) in Kentucky, and Luray Cavern (64 acres) in Virginia, both located in the U.S.

It is no brainer everyone will visit Mt. Tai when they travel to Tai’an. The Taishan underground rift is a secret zone between the two mountains of Mt. Tai and Lushan. The miraculous and grand sight shows how nature created a geological change. The rift is hundreds of meters deep and a rich groundwater resource in the cave provides the base to water-raft. Even the Guinness World Records certified it as the longest unpowered underground river rafting.

Location: Baotailong Tourist Area, Qiujiadian Town, Taishan District

More info:

  • Tickets: 95 RMB
  • Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Average time spent: 2-3 hours
  • Transportation: Take bus No.13 and No.48 from Taishan station directly to the Taishan underground rift valley

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