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Someone asked me how fortunate do we feel as Shandong natives? Very much so. We would need 3 full days to tell the story of these hand-crafted dishes. Being the origin of the Lu cuisine, we invented the imperial cuisine of China at the Forbidden City of Beijing. Here are our top picks from our culinary journey throughout the 17 regions across Shandong. These are voted by popularity, not by $.

1. Jinan: Crispy roll
2. Qingdao: Meat bun
3. Zibo: Crispy thin paper cakes
4. Zaozhuang: Pulled-pork noodles
5. Dongying: Yellow River crabs
6. Yantai: Fish flower pot
7. Weifang: Infamous Weifang watermelon
8. Jining: Confucius fish
9. Taian: Chinese thin pancake
10. Weihai: Grilled-seasoned seafood
11. Rizhao: Spicy clams
12. Binzhou: Sesame snacks
13. Dezhou: Donkey meat
14. Liaocheng: Fried “fruit”. In fact, only flower.
15. Linyi: Babao beans from 8 raw ingredients- eggplant, black beans, almonds, fresh ginger, apricot, sesame oil, white wine, basil leaves, and pepper
16. Heze: Shan County Lamb Soup.
17. Laiwu: Roast cakes.

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