Blossoming Linyi in Spring

New places to check out in Linyi.  And few days later, it will be flooded with blossomed flowers. 

At Linyi, the sheer beauty of Mount Yi Meng captures your glance instantly. You may have visited the Grand Underground Valley and the hot spring Tong Tou, but the Dragon Garden will probably be new to you. 

Spring is the best time to see flowers, willow branches, allowing the spring breeze to bring you to uncovered spots, and be intrigued by our featured Dragon Garden.

Places to add onto your trip:

Dragon Garden

The Dragon Garden is themed after the Dragon. Let us follow the steps of the dragon to learn the many stories behind it. 

Wood Cultural Museum

The Wood Cultural Museum, as its name suggests, is a large collection of sculptures, furniture and brilliant art exhibits made from wood material.  

Wedding Museum

The Wedding Museum showcases the life of daughters from birth to marriage. Things to use, traditions to follow, as well as being protected and educated until their parents send her off to the man at marriage. 

Bedroom Museum

Come check out the extraordinary craftsmanships on the designs of these beds and the decorative symbols that often convey the wishes of older generations at the Bedroom Museum.

Art Museum of Han Meilin

Han Meilin, art designer of the mascot “Fortune Kids” for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Come see the works of this talented artist.

Jurassic World

The Jurassic World is a children’s paradise. They can learn about dinosaurs, and the best part being the 5D theatre with lots of adventures from the Jurassic world. Be prepared to be greeted by the dinosaurs’ voices at every corner 

Love Valley

Stop along the Love Valley, a sea of flowers you can dive into. This is just a taste of the Mediterranean just like at Champs Elysees. Come with friends and be refreshed with the bed of flowers.

Moonlight, Tree Shadow and Lights. Night View of the Ancient Town.

If during the day is a photo studio for couples and family outings, the Dragon Garden in Linyi at night is a carnival to celebrate for many. The lights begin to come out at dusk. All corners are lit with different colors. 

Stroll down the streets with your friends or family. The wind feels your ears, and the plum fragrance refreshes your nose and ears. The old town at night is serene and charming. A romantic place to be with your partner. You both can explore and your love radiates with waves and magic.  

Find a fancy place here, a classic Chinese-style courtyard hotel to spend a night or two. Find out what hotel this is to comfort you at this cozy destination after a tiring and fun day of exploring. You can sleep soundly with the waves washing you away in your dreams.  

If daytime is a “photo studio” for newlyweds and fun time for family outings, the Dragon Garden at night is a carnival celebration for many.  

At dusk, the lights are on.  All corners are lit up with different colors.  

Strolling down the street with friends and family, let the wind massage your ears and the plum fragrance refresh your nose and ears. The old town at night is so serene and charming.  

What a romantic place to explore here with your sweetheart.  Your love will radiate with waves and magic lights 

Lodging: Fengqi Hotel – A classic Chinese style courtyard hotel. 

The Fengqi Hotel is your cozy destination after an exhausting day at this old town. Sleep with the sound of the water streams; tomorrow you will wake up fresh. 

Address: Five kilometer north of Binghe Road, East, Linyi City. (Rural naming) 

A night of sweet dreams, a day of 10 kilometers spring breeze; 

Winter is gone, spring has arrived; 

We are waiting for you with the Linyi wind,  

Come on a sunny day, and catch your spring life at the Dragon Garden.   

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