Caozhou Peony Garden

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The festival draws few millions of tourists, artists and traders every year. It is also truly a carnival loaded with hundreds of events that you could take a few days to digest. One thing for sure to participate in is the peony-themed culinary shows and tasting some of Heze’s peony-related foods.   

China National Museum of Peony

Caozhou Peony Garden is the No. 1 destination to see the peony in full blossom. This historical garden is in downtown Heze, occupying 1.01 sq. km. It is the largest peony garden in the world in size and variety. It is China’s national AAAA tourism site.  

It is well-known that the Caozhou peony is the best in the world. Needless to say, the peonies in Caozhou Peony Garden beats all other competitors with over 1000 varieties in full bloom. Colors you can typically see are red, white, black and yellow mostly intertwined and shockingly beautiful all at once.  

Heze is also host to major peony research facilities in China. Peonies in Heze are biologically classified into 10 categories and 1,237 varieties. Scientists make them blossom at all seasons for research purposes. If you missed them in April and May, you can still visit peony museums which are available all-year round. Good to see a full blossom in white snow.

The world’s largest peony garden with research facilities.

Other activities you can find here are peony shows, peony-themed restaurants, and children’s paradise. The water show is our first ever starting this year (2021). Do look forward to that. 

Location: 1000 Renmin Road, Mudan District, Heze City

By bus: Route #3, 37, 50, 88, 609, 611, 912, 961

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