Chaotian pot

Chaotian Pot of Weifang is a local famous dish similar to the “Peking chicken roll.” It is a jambalaya-type of mixed pork wrapped up pancake; convenient for porters and drivers while on the go. Chefs will often set up a big pot on the side of the road with different meat prepared in the pot. Because there is no lid and the opening of the pot is faced upwards to the sky, it was given the name Chaotian (faced towards the sky) Pot. 

As the #1 street food in all of Shandong since created 300 years ago. It is the perfect combination of 3 different kinds of meats filled with flavor, and it is as crispy as a pancake. You can choose different pots with either pork or beef. Even though its name has the word “pot”, the meal does not necessarily mean it will be served in a pot.

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