Chateau Saflam

Yantai is famous as an international vine and wine city. Other than their famous Changyu Wine Museum, Chateau Saflam is also a famous winery in Yantai. It is a Sino-French castle located in Yantai, Shandong. Its magnificent fairytale-like outside hides a robust winery within; with wine tasting, real French wine barrels, and a unique ambiance. Established in 2005, Chateau Saflam mainly engages in the storage, brewing, filling, and sales of French natural wine. In 2011, it expanded and built a new wine industry park in the surrounding area. Chateau Saflam has the most advanced temperature control workshops and low-temperature aseptic filling production line from Italy with an annual reserve of 8000 tons while filling 30,000 tons of bottles.

If you love wine and the culture that it brings, you absolutely cannot miss this “fantastique” castle in Yantai!

More Info:
  • Location: 160 Beijing Middle Road, Yantai Development Zone (烟台开发区北京中路160号)
  • Tel: 05356387876

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