Chi You Mausoleum Tourist Area

Chiyou Mausoleum is a scenic spot with its  core to offer sacrifices to the ancestor of humanities, Chi You. Located in Shiwuliyuan Town, Yanggu County, this mausoleum is a holy place for people of all ethnic groups in China to worship Chi You. Come find out what were the great works of Chi You in his time since being named the ancestor of humanities. 

The Chi You Mausoleum covers an area of 206 acres and is split into three sections: Sacrificial area, Mausoleum area and Cultural Exhibition area. The main attractions in the sacrificial area include the mausoleum gate, Chi You’s statue, Sacrificial Square, Sacrificial Platform, and Chi You Palace. The mausoleum area mainly includes the Fenglin District, Chi You Stele Pavilion, Chi You Tomb and Wanglou. The exhibition area mainly includes the Dongyi Cultural Exhibition Hall and the Agricultural Cultural Exhibition Hall.

More Info:

    • Address: Yejie Village, Shiwuliyuan Town, Yanggu County, Liaocheng City
    • Tel: 06356363199
    • Hours: 8:30 – 16:30
    • Average time spent: 2 hours
    • Ticket: 30RMB

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