Confucius Temple

Previously a residence, now converted to a huge temple compound commemorating the life of Confucius in 478 BC. In 140 AD, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty adopted the idea to “abolish all, but Confucianism”. It was suggested by scholar Dongzhongshu, a Confucius’ loyalist. The Confucius Temple has retained its sacredness until 1911 when China became a Republic. As you step into the courtyard, a huge apricot tree that appears out of nowhere will catch your glimpse first. This is the place where Confucius is said to have preached to 3,000 of his disciples. Universal education regardless of financial status was championed by Confucius.

The Grand Hall of the Confucius Temple is among the top three largest grand halls in China, including the Imperial Hall of Palace Museum in Beijing. It is an architectural marvel built without a single nail! Pay attention to the architectural details. The 9 ornament animals on the roof and the 10 grand pillars used in front of the hall are second only to the Imperial Palace in Beijing. In China, the number of animals on the building eaves are strictly regulated as Chinese culture recognizes the animals as a symbol of authority. The higher the number, the more the authority one had. There are 9 ornaments that are granted by emperors to show their greatest respect to Confucius. Numerous stone tablets inscribed with words of wisdom are placed all over the estate. In front of the Grand Hall, the annual celebration commemorating Confucius’ birthday takes place on every September 28th. This day is also China’s National Teachers Day when thousands of students come to Confucius’ Temple to attend a series of celebratory events lasting a week.

Location: Inside of Mingu City, Qufu济宁曲阜市明故城内

More info:

  • Tickets: 140 RMB
  • Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Average time spent: 4 hours

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