Dezhou Braided Chicken

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Legend has it that the dish was created by accident during the Emperor Kangxi’s reign in the 18th century by a restaurant owner named Jia Jiancai. One day, Jia had to run an errand, and asked his apprentice to look after the fire in the kitchen. The apprentice had fell asleep while waiting for his master. When Jia came back, the chicken was overcooked. He sold the chicken anyway only to find out the customer loved it. Overcooking the chicken had turned the meat and bones chewy and dense. We cannot share his secret recipe but we can confirm that the crispiness of the yellowish and juicy skin with very tender meat will be mouthwatering and it’s all you will think about. The best roast chicken is from the factory store. It is guaranteed for 7 days of freshness without refrigeration. Visit the Dezhou Braided Chicken Museum to fill your curious mind. You can even practice your Chinese by saying “Dezhou Pa Ji ´to your Chinese friends if you get a smile in return.

Roasted with secret sauces, the DZ Chicken is crispy with thin yellowish skins and juicy with very tender meat. The best roast is from the factory store. It is guaranteed 7-day freshness without refrigerating. For curiosity, visit Dezhou Braided Chicken Museum. Practice your Chinese pronunciation “Dezhou Pa Ji ´with your Chinese friends to see if their mouths are watered.

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