Dong Zi Garden

Dong Zi Garden occupies 130 acres of land and is surrounded by a huge lake. Here you will find the largest water archway. Dong Zhong Shu, also known as Dong Zi (179-104 BC), (“Zi” is a respectful title for philosophers in China), is the most respected worshipper of Confucius Doctrine. He spent 13 years in Dezhou to study Confucius’ theory. In a nutshell, his thinking is that people communicate with heaven via emperors and it is Heaven’s will that legitimizes Emperor’s rule; it is the social hierarchy that stabilizes a society. Only Confucius doctrine embodies social and political justice. For many years, his belief was adopted as the official ideology by Emperors. As a result, all other schools of philosophy besides that of Confucius were suppressed. Scholars were punished and sentenced to labor, and their books were burned to flames. Dong’s belief impacted history and still affects the daily lives of Chinese people till today.   

The exhibit in the park summarizes history of Chinese philosophy. It is interesting to note that Dongzi had concentrated on his study to such an extent of three years that he is said never to have had a chance to peek into his beautiful backyard garden. Come check out his garden yourself to see its awe-aspiring worth.


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