Dongyi Township

A little township community that is located on 4 small islands has a combination of food, lifestyle, exploring, shopping, and fun among these islands. The bar and food street are the top 2 must-see places here.

These islands are called respectively:

1. Fishermen’s window (渔文化主题岛)

2. Folklore depot (民俗文化体验岛)

3. A taste of the world (传统美食商铺)

4. Recreational heaven (休闲娱乐观光岛) – This island is about 100,000 m2 in size

Shuaiwanjiu (摔碗酒), one of the must-have things so you could expel the bad luck for the year. Prepare yourself for a powerful bowl of wine.

Stroll along the cobbled stone path and let the sea breeze refresh you. The red lanterns open up the night market in Dongyi Village. It will be hard to resist the many shops calling for your visit.

Spring/summer is the best time to pick and roast the Rizhao’s green tea. The top selection is always in limited supply. Advanced bookings could easily be years ahead. The fragrance is sure to melt your smells.

The yearly flower festival just passed. More than 300 fans of Han costumes still linger the street after the parade. Time is too short to show off. We found a kid’s drawing fascinating.


Local food and food from other parts of Rizhao can be tasted here too. So if you love to try different food, here will be a “heaven” in your dream.

  • Food: Roasted Oyster, Rizhao old fritters, Laoshan tofu and more
  • Location: North of Rizhao Olympic Water Park; 200 m west of Wanpingkou, Middle of Bihai Road, Donggang District, Rizhao City
  • Transportation: Take bus #10 from Rizhao bus Station to Taigong Garden, the proceed to the opposite side of the road to Yuyue Plaza

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