Dongyi Township

A little township community that is located on 4 small islands has a combination of food, lifestyle, exploring, shopping, and fun among these islands. The bar and food street are the top 2 must-see places here.

These islands are called respectively:

1. Fishermen’s window (渔文化主题岛)

2. Folklore depot (民俗文化体验岛)

3. A taste of the world (传统美食商铺)

4. Recreational heaven (休闲娱乐观光岛) – This island is about 100,000 m2 in size

Shuaiwanjiu (摔碗酒), one of the must-have things so you could expel the bad luck for the year. Prepare yourself for a powerful bowl of wine.


Local food and food from other parts of Rizhao can be tasted here too. So if you love to try different food, here will be a “heaven” in your dream.

  • Food: Roasted Oyster, Rizhao old fritters, Laoshan tofu and more
  • Location: North of Rizhao Olympic Water Park; 200 m west of Wanpingkou, Middle of Bihai Road, Donggang District, Rizhao City
  • Transportation: Take bus #10 from Rizhao bus Station to Taigong Garden, the proceed to the opposite side of the road to Yuyue Plaza

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