Doug’s Trip to the Top of Mount Tai

When I traveled to Shandong Province in China, one of my favorite stops was Mount Tai. It took about four hours at a steady pace to reach the top of the steps we climbed and we needed to take a few stops to rest. The views at the top made it all worth it. Luckily, we had arrived early enough to be able to take some good pictures before crowds arrived. By the time we were leaving, the mountain was filled with visitors and locals visiting the shrines to pray.

We ate at a restaurant at the base of the mountain – the setup of the restaurant reminded me of M*A*S*H-style tents. It was a very unique experience and the food was delicious. It really added to the experience of climbing Mount Tai.

Though the climb left me exhausted, seeing so much history and culture so close up made the journey all worth it. It’s not everyday you get to experience such a historic landmark that is just as important today as it was in ancient times. To anyone planning a trip, I suggest reading up on the history of Mount Tai before traveling; it added a lot more to the trip for my entire group. I’m glad to have gone.

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