Fulai Mountain

6 km west of the ancient city state of Ju, in what is now Juxian County, lies a natural preservation of Shandong’s geological ruins. Mt. Fulai is elegant, refined, and graceful. It has a large number of historical sites. In the Dinglin Temple on the mountain, there are 3 pavilions by the pond and a large number of historic inscriptions. Numerous cliff side inscriptions can be found on Cloud and Dragon Precipice. The Mystic Rock Valley and the stories about the ancient Great Wall are topics that locals are proud to brag about. Also at the temple is the world’s first and largest ginkgo tree. You could say it is a living fossil.

Must-see: Meteorological museum

Location: 6 km west of Jixian County, Rizhao City

  • Tickets: 65 RMB or free with Rizhao tourism “one card”
  • Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Average time spent: 2 hours
  • Transportation: Car or Bus (2 hours to Jixian county, then take bus #1 for 15mins to the Fulai scenic area)

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