Guangrao County

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It has seven tire factories which are ranked amongst the top 75 tire manufacturers in the world. Michelin, one of the USA’s most trusted and respected tire companies, produces its tires out of Guangrao. Every morning before sunrise, caravans of trucks with freshly picked vegetables head to Beijing via designated highway toll booths. In the farmer’s market that we entered, there is a 48-acre modern greenhouse where local farmers to sell their meticulously grown produce, or to catch up with families over meals. This greenhouse type of farmer’s market also has a 96-room luxury hotels.

Guangrao County houses Dongying Historical Museum, where few of the exhibits push history back to a shocking 8,500 years from China’s recorded history of 5,000 years ago. This has surprised many historians from around the world. Dongying is a place that has altered Chinese history a few times. The local catch word is that history is tentative. Just wait until our next excavation. Who knows what could come up next. 

The Dongying History Museum is one of the top three County Museums in the Shandong Province. The other two are the Museum of Jun County in Linyi and the Qingzhou City Museum in Weifang. This museum is best known for Chinese civilization history dating back to a total 8500 years ago, as compared to the common locally known 5000 years.

Across from the Sun Tzu Shrine lies a 5-star hot spring resort called the Guangrao Hot Spring Resort. The resort is world-class with very reasonable prices for its visitors. If you are passing by on the way back from Guangrao to Dongying City, this resort spares you to your wildest imagination. There is a spa massage that simultaneously massages your foot and body. You could deserve an all-body massage after the long drive.

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