Interstate Scenic Highway Route 103

Shandong’s first interstate scenic highway construction started on Jan. 16, 2021. This new highway begins from Jinan’s city center all the way to the southern mountain areas formerly known as Laiwu. There will be a 35 km section to showcase non-stop photo scenic spots.

Wohushan Reservoir, also known as the Jinger Lake, is 25 kilometers away from the city. It is the only largest reservoir in Jinan. As it sits by the road in the direction of an open landscape, the reservoir view will appear as merging and calm. The Yufu River is the last tributary of the lower Yellow River. It originates from the Jinxiu Creek, the Jinyang Creek, and the Jinyun Creek; three creeks gather and flow into the Wohushan Reservoir. 

Red Leaves Valley can be found by heading 10 kilometers east from Zhonggong Bridge to Jinxiu Creek Reservoir and 3 kilometers south. The four seasons at Mount Jiuru Waterfall Scenic Area are also available from the highway. About 20 kilometers southwest from Mount Jiuru, you will reach the last stop of this tour – Jinan Longmen Mountain Scenic Area. 

Highlight spots: Wohushan Reservoir, Red Leaves Valley, Jiuru Mountain, Buer Muju Home-stay, Jinan Longmen Mountain Scenic Area.

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