Ju Xian Museum (Ju County Museum)

Less than an hour from the Gingko Tree, there is a county museum that is highly recommended to visit. It is the largest county museum in Shandong, possibly in the entire China. The Ju Kingdom (aka Ju State) was established during the Shang Dynasty (1571-1046 BC).  As compared with Lu and Qi State, the Ju Kingdom is small. But the king of the Ju Kingdom was good at maneuvering large neighboring states. Historical artifacts are unearthed in Ju (state) that had pronounced the beginning of China’s Bronze Age. The early form of the Chinese language derived from Ju words and massive collections of stone tablets and detailed documentation of local historical events with national significance were excavated right here.  Ju’s human history can be traced back to 10 thousands of years. 13 exhibit halls showcase 2,500 pieces of treasure, which is only a highlight of its total collection of 12,000 original pieces. Today, the Ju County carries a heavy weight of China’s civilization.

Location: 208 Zhenxing East Road, Yu County, Rizhao City

  • Tickets: Free
  • Hours: 8am to 11:30am, 2pm to 5:30pm
  • Average time spent: 2-3 hours

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