Lashan National Forest Park

Home to the Dongping Lake and the second largest freshwater lake in all of Shandong, the Lashan national forest is also famous for an uprising led by a local gentleman, Songjiang, from the Song Dynasty. Songjiang led 108 heroes to punish the greedy officials, and helped the poor and needy. This entire saga was written in one of the Four Great Classic Novels called the Outlaws of Water Margin during the Ming dynasty by Shi Naian.

It is also a famous historical attraction for the Quanzhen Daoist sect. Some other attractions in this area that have been restored include the Qiuzu Pavillion, the Paoma Spring, and the Yaowang Temple named after the God of Medicines.

Be sure to visit the Water Margin Film Studio at Dongping Lake. The studio was built to film events from the novel, the Outlaw of Water Margins. Reenactments take place a few times daily. Buildings and scenes have been strictly constructed in such detail as described in the novel. The wall of ancient Dongping City utilizes original bricks from the Ming Dynasty. You will find papercutting, shoe making, and embroidery demonstrations by specific local families as “non-material” cultural heritage treasures. The government provides funding for this project to protect those disappearing artisanship.

Location: Dongping County, Tai’an City

More info:

  • Ticket: 40 RMB
  • Hours: 9am to 6pm
  • Average time spent: 1 hour
  • Transportation: From Dongping station, take the taxi or tourist bus to reach the entrance of the park.

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