Linqing Custom Post

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The original Custom Post was built in 1429 as a tax office during the Ming Dynasty. It had continued to operate until the end of the Qing Dynasty around 1900s. At its peak, the Post had collected a quarter of China’s national tax revenue. Since the Canal utilizes a locking system to lift boats, merchant boats had to go through congested lines at Linqing port to pay tax. This allowed for local dining and hotels to flourish along both sides of the canal banks. Scouting through the old town is like walking into the largest medina at Fez City in Morocco. Business-minded merchants from the southern provinces started to build their hometown clubs where hometown ethnic food served. Entertainment in diverse local dialects were China’s early “Broadway” shows for the locals. As the population grew, Linqing started attracting talents in handcrafting. Local residents reached out to larger cities to learn skills in making bricks, scales, shoes, brooms, etc. It soon became a commercial city.

Plan about 1.5 hour at the Custom Post Museum to learn the governance of this post as well as locals’ resistance to corrupted officials. 

One of the top eight custom post stations in China, the Grand Canal had been operating until 1901, when the canal dried up due to the lack of maintenance. During the time of active operation, the Canal in Linqing helped to collect one-fourth of the national revenue. The total length of the canal is about 40,000 sq. meters.


Location: Near the Grand Canal, downtown Linqing (临清市城区内运河旁)

More Info:

    • Ticket: 10 RMB
    • Hours: All-day
    • Average time spent: 1-3 hours
    • Transportation: Bus, Didi (equiv. Uber)

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