Linyi Museum

Linyi museum lies at center of Linyi City. It is shaped as four thick books stacking over one another. The museum is ranked top 10 in the entire Shandong province. It is very much privileged by its location being at the very center of China’s civilization. Linyi Museum dominates the collection of over 2,000 pieces of treasures at the national level from the Old Stone Age to Modern China. A must-see exhibit is the Han dynasty stone painting which represents the top of classical stone-carving painting and designed for ancient loyalty graves by Han dynasty. Among those 2,000+ masterpieces, many of them have been on display at various museum around the world representing China. Your 3 hour visit here will save you a lot flight time & money.

Location: 117 Lanshan Road, Linyi (临沂市兰山路117)

More info:

  • Tickets: Free
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Average time spent: 3 hours
  • Transportation: Walk or Bike from Linyi downtown

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