Mt. Lao Tea

It is enchanting to dive into a tea farm and pick your souvenir tea.  Fresh tea needs to be picked at dawn. Tea girls will help you to select, to massage leaves, and to roast authentic Mt. Lao tea “first hand”.  Let us surprise your sweethearts.  Recommend tea garden: the Qingshan Village, the Chang Ling Village or nearby villages along the southern scenic route Mt. Lao.

Laoshan tea is like poetry and painting, and the meaning of tea precedes the fragrance. Just being in the tea garden is uncontrollable. High mountains, blue seas, and tea leaves outline a perfect picture. Compared with Jiangnan, it has a unique charm of “Jiangbei”.

The tea picking time is in the morning, so you must get up early when you come to Laoshan to pick tea! Choose one bud and one leaf, and one bud and two leaves, with the help of tea farmers.

With the help, the pure Laoshan handmade tea is made through the steps of finishing, kneading, drying, and screening. Recommended tea gardens: Qingshan Village, Changling Village, and mountain villages near the southern line of Laoshan.

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